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Globe Hotel
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Town Cape Clear
Known dates 1866-1918

The Globe Hotel was a hotel at Cape Clear, Victoria, <1866-1918>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Cape Clear.[1] In December 1871 the location was described as being at Derwent Jacks.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In October 1909 the licensee was fined for selling home-made punch:

ADULTERATED LIQUORS. HEAVY FINES IMPOSED. BALLARAT, Wednesday. At the city court yesterday Thomas Hayden, of the Globe Hotel, Cape Clear, pleaded. guilty to an unlawful sale of liquor to which the registered trade mark of John Dixon and Co., manufacturer of O.T. punch, had been falsely applied. Mr. J. Westley, of Melbourne, who appeared for the prosecution, did not press for a heavy penalty, seeing that defendant had acted in ignorance and had endeavored to make amends. He suggested a fine of £5. Matthew C. Lecky, an inspector under the Board of Public Health, gave evidence stating that defendant admitted having manufactured the liquor himself. Defendant pleaded that he acted In ignorance, and that there had been no great gain to him. He sold only about a bottle a week. In the course of the evidence it was stated that Mr. Dixon was forced to take these proceedings because all over the State his trade mark was infringed, and inferior punch put into his bottles, which were embossed with "Dixon's O.T. Punch." Mr. Dixon spent £8000 a year in bottles alone, so that it was an important mat ter to him not to have inferior punch sold as "O.T." Mr. H. M. Murphy, P.M., replied that If defendant did not know better he should not be engaged in the hotel business. Hayden, in reply to the police magistrate, said he had made the liquor himself from the essence of green ginger and a bit of coloring. The bench imposed a fine of £5, with £9 4/ costs. Mr. Westley thought that £20 costs should be allowed, as John Dixon, one of the witnesses. had been put to considerable expense. The police magistrate replied that Mr. Dixon's attendance had been unnecessary.[3]

In March 1918 the hotel's license was reviewed by the Licenses Reduction Board:

LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD. PITFIELD DISTRICT HOTELS. ONE HOTEL TO GO. A deprivation sitting of the Licences Reduction Board, relative to the Pitfield Licensing District was held at the Ballarat Supreme Court building yesterday afternoon. Messrs R. Barr (chairman) J. Lock, and T. M. Cummings, constitute the board. The two hotels listed for consideration were theBarb Hotel, Pitfield, and the Globe hotel, Cape Clear. Patrick M'Manamny, licensing inspector for the Pitfield district, stated that of the two hotels, listed one had to be closed...The Globe Hotel (owner Mrs Cracknell, and licensee Robt. A. McCallum) was next considered. The owner wrote stating that she was too ill to attend the Board sitting. Constable Ward stated that the Globe Hotel was a wooden structure and very old. The hotel was three-quarters of a mile from the Cape Clear Hotel. He did not think that the hotel was necessary. The previous licensee cleared out of the hotel and left it standing. Robert Angus McCallum, licensee of the hotel, stated that he had been leasing the place for about 18 months. He had leased the hotel from the owner, and fifteen months of the lease were still to run. The trade was chiefly with the travelling public. Since September last the trade had considerably improved. To Superintendent McManamny - One hotel at Cape Clear was sufficient to meet all requirements. To Mr Lock -There was not sufficient trade, at the hotel to keep him fully occupied. The Chairman said that as the owner was not present and not represented by counsel, the Board would adjourn the matter to Ballan on Thursday give to her an opportunity of appearing, or being represented by counsel. Mr P. J. Early said that in all probability there would not be any appearance of the owner. It was possible that the hotel might be surrendered. The matter was then adjourned.[4]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

The hotel was the venue for the meeting of the local coursing club in May 1915:

CAPE CLEAR CLUB. CAPE CLEAR, Monday. The members of the Pitfield and Cape Clear Coursing Club met at the Globe hotel on Saturday night to make arrangements for their season's coursing fixtures. The recent rains have put the ground in good order, and it was decided to hold the first meeting on Saturday, 12th June, on the Naringhal Estate, which has been granted by the permission of Mr W. T. Rowe. A 16 all-aged dog stake will be run off.[5]

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References[edit | edit source]

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