Golden Horn Hotel

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Golden Horn Hotel
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Town Golden Lake
Known dates 1869-1873

The Golden Horn Hotel was a hotel in Golden Lake, Victoria, <1869-1872>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was described as being at Springdallah in May 1869, Brownsvale in December 1869 and Golden Lake in 1871.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was offered for sale in May 1869:

A Safe Investment with a Sure Fortune. FOR SALE, those large and commodious premises known as the GOLDEN HORN HOTEL, situated at Springdallah, contiguous to, and surrounded by, the richest claims in the district, and may truly be said to be situated in a Golden Valley, where enterprise is as yet only in its infancy. For further particulars, apply to C. T. TAIT, Smythesdale, or, THOS. PORTER, Armstrong street, Ballarat.[2]

In May 1869, the publican was in court after taking a concertina as security for an unpaid bill:

Hoffman v Hughes, £2 10s, for illegally detaining a concertina. The defendant is proprietor of the Golden Horn hotel, at Brownsvale, and the complainant was one of a party of strolling musicians and " hornpipe dancers." There had been a dance at the hotel on Saturday evening, and dancing was kept up till midnight. After the dancing was over the defendant asked the complainant for the price of some meals he had had, and the complainant, as alleged for the defence, gave the concertina for security. It appeared, however, that the complainant had either not given up the concertina, or if he had done so, had rued, as he had demanded its restoration. A quarrel had ensued. The complainant was put out, but eventually made his way in through one of the windows, and, as alleged, struck one of the witnesses, the "hornpipe-dancer," then in bed. This witness, however, denied that he had been struck, to his know ledge, but as he had a black eye his statement seemed a little questionable. The magistrate made some significant enquiries respecting the winding-up of the affair, and intimated that the attention of the police at Piggoreet would be drawn to the hotel. Order for restoration of the concertina, with 10s costs.[3]

In November 1869 an amorous young man was fined for breaking a window at the hotel:

A youth named Joseph Walton also was charged with, having, on Sunday morning, broken a window in the Golden Horn hotel, Springdallah; damages laid at 10s. It appeared that the youth had been at the hotel on Saturday evening, and on Sunday morning he went to the girl's bedroom window and forced his way through. He was fined 20s, and 10s damages; in default forty-eight hours' imprisonment.[4]

The hotel may not have been such a safe investment, for in December 1869, the publican, Hugh Hughes, was declared insolvent.[5]

In June 1870, the new owner, Thomas Porter, was declared inslovent, and the hotel was put up for sale again:

GOLDEN LAKE, BROWNSVALE. FRIDAY, 24th JUNE, At One o'clock p.m. To Capitalists, Hotelkeepers, and Others. In the Insolvent Estate of Thos. Porter, of Ballarat. By order of the Official Assignee. J. S. LYON will sell by auction, on the above date, on the premises, All those extensive Buildings known as the GOLDEN HORN HOTEL, now occupied by Mrs Sarah Parker. No Reserve. Terms Cash. J. S. LYON, Auctioneer, Smythesdale and Scarsdale[6]

In June 1871 William Lark was charged with Sunday trading however the case was withdrawn at the court.[7]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

  • Ballarat Miners' Association, June 1870 - a meeting to form a branch at Springdallah.[8]

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References[edit | edit source]

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