Grand Stand Hotel (Dowling Forest)

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Grand Stand Hotel
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Town Dowling Forest
Known dates 1861-1869

The Grand Stand Hotel was a hotel in Dowling Forest, Victoria, <1861-1869>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Grand Stand Hotel was in Dowling Forest.[1]

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History[edit | edit source]

In December 1869 two men were charged with murder following a fight at the hotel:

James M'Cormack and Robert Orrock were brought before the Creswick Police-court on 17th December, on a charge of killing Anthony Burns on 4th December at Dowling Forest. No depositions were taken, but from what has transpired it appears that the deceased Burns left Happy Valley, Bullarook, on the day in question, and went to the Ballarat races. During the evening Burns went into the Grand Stand hotel, where some dancing was going on, and after being there a little time he began an altercation with Orrock and threatened to strike him. M'Cormack, who is a blacksmith, and Orrock's master, interfered, and said to Burns, " You would not strike a little fellow like him, would you?" Burns, who bore the reputation of being rather a quarrelsome man, replied, " I will strike you, you North of Ireland —" and immediately made a blow at M'Cormack, who, however, parried the blow, and in return struck Burns three or four blows in the face which staggered him. Burns, however, rallied, and closed with M'Cormack, who threw him heavily. M'Cormack was then taken away and put into another room. On Burns returning about noon next day to his employer's, (Martin Driscoll's) house, he complained of being ill, and as he appeared to be getting worse, Dr Trotter was sent for on Wednesday. The doctor, after hearing Burns, told him he would get better, and left after prescribing for him. Finding, however, that Burns was not improving, his friends brought him, on 10th December, in to the Creswick District Hospital. On his admission, Burns told Dr Starke that he had been fighting at the races with a fellow who had knocked him down and kicked him. Burns gradually sank, and died on 13th December. Sergeant Moran having been informed of the circumstances, despatched Constable Bourke, on 14th December, to make enquiries on the subject, and he accordingly arrested M'Cormack and Orrock.[2]

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