Great Western Hotel (Ballan)

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Great Western Hotel
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Town Ballan
Known dates 1857-1874, c.1970s-2024
Other names Hanrahan's Hotel

The Great Western Hotel was a hotel in Ballan, Victoria, <1857-1874, c.1970s-2024.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Ballan[1], on the corner of Inglis and Stead Streets.

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel became Hanrahan's Hotel[1] at the start of 1875.

History[edit | edit source]

The hotel was built by Southwell and "Billy" Lock before 1857.[2]

In March 1867 the publican, James Doyle, left Ballan to take up a hotel business in Melbourne:

MR. JAMES DOYLE, who has been a resident in Ballan for many years, and landlord of the Great Western Hotel, has left Ballan, he having taken the well known house called the "Limerick Castle," in Elizabeth-street, Melbourne. In the early history of Ballan Mr. Doyle was regarded as an energetic and a valuable neighbour, and one ever ready to give a helping hand to any movement for the public good, and the same may be said of late years, so that we feel assured that his old friends, when visiting Melbourne, will pay him a visit, and— "Tak' a cup o' friendship yet, For Auld Lang Syne."[3]

The hotel was sold in December 1867:

The Great Western Hotel, Ballan, with two acres of land, was purchased on Tuesday, by Mr. Walter Duncan, for £270. Nine years ago the same property realised £1000.[4]

Duncan turned the hotel into a general store by May 1868:

DUNCAN'S GENERAL STORE, WALTER DUNCAN HAS pleasure in intimating to the public of Ballan and its immediate vicinity, that having terminated his connection with the Werribee Flour Mills, he has commenced business as IRONMONGER and PRODUCE DEALER, In the promises lately known as the Great Western Hotel, which have been entirely refitted to enable a large business to be carried on. The Stock consists of entirely NEW GOODS in every Department, as the proprietor is determined to establish his business by supplying the very BEST ARTICLES at the LOWEST PRICES, which he will be able to do, owing to having purchased largely for Cash. W. DUNCAN relies upon his long connection with Ballan to enable him to meet the requirements of the district in every branch of his business as above, and more especially as a GENERAL PRODUCE MERCHANT; he will therefore be in a position to deal largely in all kinds of Farm and Dairy Produce upon most liberal terms. Always on sale a large Stock of Palings, Shingles, and Sawn Timber of all kinds, Paints, Oils, Glass, and every requisite for Building purposes, W. DUNCAN takes this opportunity of thanking the public for the support accorded to him as a member of the late firm of Young & Duncan, and he trusts that an equal amount of patronage will be bestowed upon him in his present capacity. Some splendid Tartarian Seed Oats for Sale.[5]

In June 1869 Duncan has added a new venture to his business:

Mr Walter Duncan, general storekeeper, Ballan, has been appointed agent for the Warrenheip Distillery Company. He is prepared to arrange with farmers.[6]

The hotel became Hanrahan's hotel from 1874-1946, and then Hudson's Hotel until 2020.

Great Western again[edit | edit source]

The hotel was reopened as the Great Western in a building dating to the 1970s. It was purchased in 2020 by Duncan Hotels and Resorts, who also operate the Farmers' Arms in Daylesford. The hotel was extensively renovated.[7]

The hotel, like many others closed for five months during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Reopening in February 2022, the owner was Mitch Duncan, and the chef was Clive Kirby.[8]

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References[edit | edit source]

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