Henry G. Williams

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Henry G. Williams
Occupation Publican
Years active 1878-1886>
Known for Mount's Bay Hotel
Redan Club Hotel

Henry G. Williams was a publican in Ballarat, Victoria, 1868-1888

History[edit | edit source]

In July 1868the license for the Mount's Bay Hotel in Rubicon Street, was granted to Henry G. Williams.[1]

In October 1878 Williams was advertising he had taken over the Redan Club Hotel:

H. G. WILLIAMS, late of the Mount's Bay and St. George’s Hotels, begs to announce that he has taken the REDAN CLUB HOTEL, and hopes to meet all his old friends, and to make as many new ones as may favor him with a call. All liquors are guaranteed of the best quality. Note the Address—Sebastopol road and Darling street.[2]

Williams was involved in mining speculation, and many companies held their meeting at his hotel. In January 1881 he chaired a meeting to promote a new mining venture in the Strathbogie Ranges.[3]

He wrote to the paper in February 1886 complaining about vandalism in his vegetable garden:

DAMAGE TO GARDENS AT REDAN. TO THE EDITOR. Sir, —I wish through the medium of your columns to call attention to the damage done to gardens in this neighborhood by a number of idle boys, whose parents or guardians should be made to suffer for their misconduct. Considerable damage has been done to my garden, and several valuable productions intended for exhibits at the forthcoming Horticultural Show have been nearly ruined. On Saturday last a valuable pumpkin was entirely destroyed. I will willingly pay a high reward for the. discovery of the culprits, and hope that publicity may prove a deterrent.—Yours &c., HENRY G. WILLIAMS. Redan Club hotel, Skipton street, 1st February.[4]

In March 1888, Williams transferred the hotel license to David A. Watson.[5]

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