Harp of Erin Hotel (Burrumbeet)

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Harp of Erin Hotel
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Town Burrumbeet
Known dates 1864
Google maps -37.470774, 143.639921

The Harp of Erin Hotel was a hotel in Burrumbeet, Victoria, <1864>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was at Burrumbeet.[1] The hotel site is uncertain, however Heritage Victoria have identified the most likely site as being on the Western Highway, 150 metres east of Cockpit Lagoon Road, and 1.4 kms west of the Lambton Arms, Map Ref: -37.470774, 143.639921.[2] Several features were found at the site including bluestone foundations, and fruit trees. The duplication of the Western Highway in 2014 would severely impact on these remains.[2]

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