Henry Abbott

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Henry Abbott
Occupation Publican
Years active 1858
Known for Abbott's Hotel
Home town Smythe's Creek
Spouse(s) Emma Etherton
Children Emma (1858)
Henry Walter (1861)
Horatio George (1863)

Henry Abbott was a publican in the Ballarat district, <1858>.

History[edit | edit source]

Henry Abbott was the publican at Abbott's Hotel at Smythe's Creek, now known as Smythesdale.

He was married to Emma Etherton.

His daughter, Emma, was born at the hotel on 9 September 1858.[1][2] Emma died, aged only four months, on 13 January 1859.[3][4]Other children included Henry Walter (1861-1863)[5][6] and Horatio George (1863).[7]

In December 1858, Abbott was the main witness in a trial at the Smythe's Creek Police Court. A man was accused of stealing money from Maria Lawson, a domestic maid employed at the hotel. The full court report is in the hotel article.

Abbott's Hotel, along with the Morning Star Hotel at Linton, were offered for unreserved public auction by the trustees of the estate of Henry Abbott in March 1860:

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, 22nd AND 23rd MARCH HIGHLY IMPORTANT UNRESERVED SALES OF TWO HOTELS SITUATE AT SMYTHESDALE AND LINTON'S, Stock, General Effects, Horses, Drays, Spring Cart, Harness, Cottage Piano, Bagatelle Table, &c. &c. By order of the Trustees in THE Estate of HENRY ABBOTT. W. C . SMITH HAS received instructions from the Trustees in the above estate to sell, on the ground, by public auction, on Thursday next, at one o'clock sharp, That splendid property at Smythesdale, so well known as ABBOTT'S HOTEL, Comprising in all 12 rooms, consisting of Bar, bar parlor, dining room, Concert room with bar, stage, scenery &c., complete. Eight bedrooms and kitchen containing every requisite for the culinary department. Also The whole of the Stock, Household Furniture and Effects, Excellent Cottage Piano, Bagatelle Table, &c. AND THE STABLE, 9 superior horses, 1 well bred sow and eight pigs, Dray and harness, Spring cart and harness, Saddles, bridles, and all stable requisites.
FRIDAY, 23rd MARCH, at one o'clock sharp, At Linton's, When will be offered, on the ground, that first class property, THE MORNING STAR HOTEL, Containing Bar, bar parlor, dining room, Concert room, Numerous bedrooms, Good kitchen, &c. Also, The Entire Stock of Wines, Spirits, Furniture, and Effects. W. G. SMITH, in submitting these fine properties to the public, would remark that they are to be positively sold without the slightest reserve ; and to any person requiring an established business in the best part of Smythe's or Linton's, the present offers an opportunity seldom to be met with. The hotels comprise every requisite for carrying on a large and prosperous business, and are capable of being improved to a very large extent. Terms declared at sale. Note.-THURSDAY at SMYTHESDALE. FRIDAY at LINTON'S. Both days at one o'clock sharp. W. G. SMITH, Auctioneer[8]

On 21 March 1860, Abbott was declared bankrupt, and assigned all his assets and goods to Samuel Mountfort Gibbs a merchant of Ballarat, and Charles Forrest a merchant of Smythesdale. Abbott was left with wearing apparel and necessities, not exceed ten pounds.[9]

PUBLIC NOTICE.-The Creditors in the Estate of HENRY ABBOTT are respectfully requested to attend a Public Meeting, at Abbott's Hotel, Smythesdale, on Thursday, 22nd March, 1860, at 9 o'clock in the morning (previous to the sale taking place) on business of importance. HENRY ABBOTT.[8]

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