Henry Collins

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Henry Collins
Occupation Publican
Years active 1900-1924
Known for Speculation Hotel
Home town Allendale
Children Jack

Henry Collins was a publican in the Ballarat district, <1900-1924>.

History[edit | edit source]

Between 1900 and 1924, Henry Collins was a publican at Allendale.[1]. In a 1912 court case Collins said he had been at the hotel Speculation Hotel since 1900.[2] In l916 he is identified in a newspaper report as the publican of the Speculation Hotel at Allendale.[3]

In April 1915 at a meeting at the hotel, he was elected President of a new combined football team made up of the Allendale Rovers Club and the Smeaton Club.[4]

In October 1916 his son Jack was injured after falling from a cart:

FALL FROM A CART. Allendale, Monday. Jack Collins, youngest son of Mr and Mrs H. Collins, of the Speculation hotel, fell off a load of boughs on a cart on Saturday evening, and received a severe shaking, and was badly bruised through coming in contact with one of the wheels. Dr Parker was called in, but found no bones were broken.[5]

His brother-in-law died in a car accident in the Northern Territory in January 1917:

Mrs H. Collins, of the Speculation hotel, Allendale, 0n Friday received word that her brother, Mr William Laurie, had been killed through his gig overturning while he was on his way, home to Tanami. The deceased was returning from Hall's Gap, some 200 miles from Tanami, when the vehicle was capsized, He was the original discoverer of the Tanami gold field, and was still engaged there on his lease, which was yielding good results. He had been in West Australia for many years, having left Allendale with his mother when a lad. The deceased was about 40 years of age, and had been very successful and fortunate as a prospector in the West. A brother of his some few years ago was killed in the Fingall mine, W.A.[6]

Collins was described as generous in this July 1918 report of an accident at Allendale:

DRIVING ACCIDENT. As Mr J. Costelloe. traveller for J. J. Goller and Co. was driving into Allendale from Kingston, his horse stumbled near the local Post-office whilst at a walking pace, with the result that the driver was pulled out of the buggy, but fortunately escaped injury, with the exception of a few abrasions. The horse's knees' were slightly marked; and both shafts of the buggy were broken. Mr H. Collins, of the Speculation Hotel, with his usual generosity, lent his conveyance for the emergency.[7]

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