Henry Stevens Richards

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Henry Richards
Occupation Publican, owner
Years active 1863 - 1887
Known for Star Hotel
Home town Creswick

Henry Stevens Richards was a publican in Creswick, Victoria, <1863-1887>

History[edit | edit source]

Richards was the owner and licensee of the Star Hotel at Slaughteryard Hill in Creswick.[1][2]

He came to assistance of a local farmer following an accident in April 1863:

On Monday, Mr George Clarke, farmer, of Spring Hill, had several of his ribs broken, besides other severe internal injuries inflicted through the pair of horses he was driving bolting down the hill near Mr Orr's, and upsetting on Mr Clarke the dray to which they were attached. Fortunately, information having been quickly given to Mr Henry Steven Richards, of the Star Hotel he assisted by some others, lifted the dray off Mr Clarke, and took him to his place where Dr Daniels afforded the necessity attention.[3]

His son was badly injured in a mining accident in February 1887:

A serious, and it is feared fatal, accident occurred at Bell's Freehold mine to-day, a young man, a son of Henry Stevens Richards, of the Star Hotel, being seriously injured. He was engaged blocking, and was using what are called panels. He was getting ready for the timber when the ground came down suddenly, breaking his arm and dislocating the bones in his back. His lower extremities are paralysed, and it is feared that his back is broken.[4]

His uncle, John Richards of Geelong, also a publican, died on 8 February 1894. He left £50 to Henry Richards' wife.[5]

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