Henry Wrathall

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Henry Wrathall
Born 1825
London, England
Died 20 November 1883
Occupation Blacksmith
Years active 1862-1883
Known for Eldorado Hotel
Home town Smythesdale
Spouse(s) Mary Ann O'Bern
  • Stephen Wrathall (father)

Henry Wrathall was a publican in Smythesdale, 1862-1883.

History[edit | edit source]

Wrathall was born in 1825, in London, the son of Stephen Wrathall and

He married Mary Ann O'Bern in Hobart, Tasmania, on 6 May 1852.[1]

He was a blacksmith and coach proprietor of the Tasmania Line of coaches which travelled daily between Ballarat, Smythesdale, Brown's Diggings, Linton and Carngham.

Henry's brother, Richard Wrathall, also lived north of Smythesdale in the 1860s and 1870s, where he owned the Oddfellows Hotel and booking office and a store. This was the site of the first township then known as Smythes Creek. Another brother, Stephen, had the Bath Arms in Doveton Street, Ballarat.

He was granted the license for the Eldorado Hotel in Smythesdale in June 1862.[2] His license was renewed in June 1863 and in July 1863, he was granted a billiard license.[3][4]

In January 1870 the license was transferred to Thomas O'Bern, Henry's brother-in-law.[5] O'Bern held the license until December 1882 when it was granted back to Henry Wrathall.[6][7]

The license was renewed in December 1883, even though he had died a two weeks earlier.[8] His wife, Mary Ann took over the publican's license.[9]

He died at the hotel on 20 November 1883[10]:

Our Smythesdale correspondent writes:— “The mortal remains, of the late Mr Henry Wrathall, of this town, were conveyed to their last resting place, the local cemetery (as announced in the Star), on Thursday afternoon, followed by a large number of mourners and friends, several of whom came from Ballarat, Smeaton, and various parts of the Smythesdale district, to be present at the funeral. The cortege, consisting of hearse, carriages, and about 25 vehicles, with a number of horsemen and people on foot, bringing up the rear, moved from the Eldorado hotel, deceased's late residence, shortly after 4 p.m., and soon reached the cemetery, where a considerable number of persons from Scarsdale and Newtown had already congregated. The obsequies were conducted by the Rev. Charles Harris, the resident Church of England minister, who read the impressive burial service of that denomination at the grave, and the mortuary arrangements were carried out by the local. undertaker, Mr Andrew Veitch, in his usual satisfactory, way. The deceased gentleman has always been regarded as a wealthy man, and has, I am informed, left a will, but the particular manner in which he has bequeathed his property has not yet been been made known.”[11]

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