Hepburn Mineral Springs Hotel

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Hepburn Mineral Springs Hotel
c.1936, (State Library of Victoria)
Town Hepburn Springs
Street Main Street
Known dates 1893-2018
Other names Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel
Evidence Building (1935) still standing
Google maps -37.310846,144.1332017

The Hepburn Mineral Springs Hotel is a hotel in Hepburn, Victoria, <1893-2018>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel is at Hepburn, on the north west corner of Main Road and Tenth Street. Map Reference: -37.310846,144.1332017

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Some of the attractions of the hotel were reported by P.Q. in February 1901:

If you take a train to picturesque, undulating Daylesford return, about 20s.; second, about ?? ?? ?? at the station a conveyance, the driver of which is named Friday. New arrivals invariably christen him Man Friday but after a few days when they have discovered him to be a most thoughtful and obliging individual, they usually alter the nick-name to the more complimentary term of Good Friday. He will drive you to Hepburn Springs, about two miles distant for the very reasonable fare of sixpence. Arriving there you will probably do as I did, and put you up at the Mineral Springs Hotel and Parma House kept by Mrs. Rolleri. The hotel and the house are detached, the former being managed by the son and the latter by the daughters of the landlady. Your possibly frugal mind will not be shocked at the terms, which are but ?? shillings a day, or thirty shillings a week, for which you receive every attention, a good table, scrupulous cleanliness and all the comforts of a home without the frills and furbelows of swagger metropolitan hotels. The bar, probably for the reason herinafter suggested, is not greatly patrolled, but the house is pretty well filled throughout the six months of the year that constitute the season. The premises are ?? and pleasantly situated, the air is bracing and the panorama extensive and varied.[1]

During January 1927, social events at the hotel were reported in the Melbourne newspapers:

HOLIDAYS AT HEPBURN. About 80 guests arrived for the holiday season at Hepburn Mineral Springs Hotel. A committee was formed, consisting of Mrs C. Orr, Mrs Pearson, Mrs N. Lawrance, Miss Kingston, Miss Healy, Miss Amos, Messrs Bert Cummings, Jack O'Donoghue, Dick Lawrance, Harold Mackrell. Geo. Green, and Jack Buckland, with Mr Ben Stevens as president; Mr P. H. O'Donoghue, secretary; Mr Bert Gardner, assistant secretary; and Miss J. Haig, treasurer. The tennis tournament (mixed doubles) final was won by Mrs Pearson and Jack O'Donoghue, The table tennis tournament was also won by Jack O'Donoghue, with Miss J. Haig as runner-up. Prize-winners at the fancy dress ball were Miss Molly Amos, Mr Jack O'Donoghue, Miss Kath Healy, Mr N. Lawrance, Misses Carew and Lawlor, Mr H. Bray and Miss F. Greenborg.[2]

Plans for the rebuilding of the hotel were being discussed at the Licensing Court in November 1927:

The Court granted an application made on behalf of the Hepburn Mineral Springs Hotel, Daylesford, for an extension of time for the rebuilding of the hotel until October, 1928. It was stated that the cost of the work was estimated at £25,000[3]

Architects drawing of the proposed hotel development

Plans for the new hotel were published in January 1934:

DAYLESFORD HOTEL. Attractive Structure Planned. If plans for a new hotel at Daylesford are adopted, this noted pleasure and health resort will he better equipped to provide facilities for the travelling public. It is probable that such additional accommodation will be required this year on behalf or visitors from other States, irrespective of the fact that regular callers are now more discriminating when planning their holidays. The site of the proposed hotel premises, which are illustrated on this page, is on the main road to Castlemaine. Adjacent to the land is Palma House, a well-known place, and the Hepburn mineral springs are within eyeshot. An other attraction in the immediate neighborhood ls an excellently laid out golf course of eighteen holes, and private tennis courts. The impression conveyed by the sketch is that of a building designed with a proper regard for the locality and the services It will have to provide. There are several spacious loggias and balconies, and from these guests will be offered fine prospects of the springs and surrounding country. The plan of the proposed structure ls a comprehensive one, including provision for about twenty-five single and double bedrooms, commodious public rooms and foyers, a dance hall and other common rooms. A noteworthy feature of the layout ls that the hotel itself will be completely isolated from the residential part of of the building. Entrance to the bar section or the hotel, which will also include a well-designed commercial room, will be gained from a side street.[4]

The hotel was rebuilt in c.1935 as a luxury hotel:

New Hotel at Hepburn. On behalf of the Hepburn Mineral Springs Hotel Ltd., application was made to tho Licensing Court yesterday for the approval of plans for the erection of a new hotel building at Hepburn, to cost about £11,000. Mr. E. J. Dowling, managing director of the company, said the new building would be put on the site of the present hotel. The Chairman (Mr. R. Barr) : When do you want to start work ? Mr. Dowling said it was desired to start work at once, or before the end of the year. The chairman said the court had not had an opportunity of examining the plans, but would so do in chambers with Mr. Dowling.[5]

There was a change of managment in April 1936:

Mr and Mrs Lee Elliott who have been associated with the management of the Mineral Springs Hotel Ltd., for more than two years have resigned. Mr J. Stewart Is the new manager. Members of the Hepburn Football Club of which he was secretary, presented Mr Elliott with a gift before he left the district.[6]

The hotel increased profits in 1946:

HEPBURN HOTEL PROFIT. Profit of Hepburn Mineral Springs Hotel Ltd. for the year to April 30, 1946, was £1301 (previous £328). A dividend of 5 per cent. is recommended out of the reserve account, and will be tax free in the hands of shareholders.[7]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

Company[edit | edit source]

The hotel was operated by Hepburn Mineral Springs Ltd. In 1932 the hotel had its value reduced:

HEPBURN HOTEL. Reduction of Capital Sanctioned. Mr Justice Lowe, in the Practice Court today, sanctioned a reduction of the capital of toe Hepburn Mineral Springs Hotel Ltd, to £12,500, divided into 50,000 shares of 5/ each. This reduction will be effected by cancelling capital which has been lost or is unrepresented by available assets to the extent of 15/ a share of the original issue. John Pearson McDonnell, chairman of directors of the company, said the assets were £10,783 and the liabilities, including £6540, balance of purchase money, £6866. The loss was attributable to the obsolete condition of the property, the inability to provide suitable, accommodation for its guests and customers, and the necessity to provide modem requirements to keep up its reputation as a health resort, and compete with other health resorts.[8]

  • 1941: Profit of £388 for year to April 30 is shown by Hepburn Mineral Springs Hotel Ltd., against £161 in year before. Gross earnings were


  • 1944: Profit of Hepburn Mineral Springs Hotel Ltd amounted to £1,652 for year ended April 30, compared with £459 in 1942-43. Credit balance is

increased to £2,918.[10]

  • 1946:Hepburn Mineral Springs Hotel Ltd earned profit of £1,301 for the year to April 30 after depreciation of £244 and tax of £185 on undistributed profits for


The People[edit | edit source]

  • From at least February 1893 to February 1901 the publican was Mr. Rolleri.[12][1]
  • In December 1914 the license was granted to Kate Rolleri for a fee of £48.[13]
    • Her license was renewed in December 1915.[14]
  • In April 1936 the license was transferred from Lee Elliot to J. Stewart.[6]

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References[edit | edit source]

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