Royal Exchange Hotel (Doveton Street)

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Royal Exchange Hotel
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Town Ballarat
Street Cnr. Doveton and Mair Streets
Known dates 1870-1941
Other names Hislop's Hotel

The Royal Exchange Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, <1870-1941>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Doveton Street.[1] William Bramwell Withers describes the hotel as being on the north west corner of Doveton Street and Mair Street.[2] This is now the site of the State Government Offices. The hotel was sometimes referred to as Hislop's Hotel.[3]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In May 1874, a painter employed to work on the hotel was found dying in a rear storeroom:

A painter named William Rossey about fifty years of age, and a resident of Buninyong, died on Thursday evening, 14th int., at Hislop's hotel, corner of Doveton and Mair streets, under, peculiar circumstances, which led to the supposition that death was caused by apoplexy. Rossey was engaged in painting and decorating the hotel, which is occupied by Mr Bonney. At half past two o'clock in the afternoon the deceased was seen by Mr Bonney in the storeroom at the rear of the hotel, where ha had gone to mix some paint. The deceased was then lying on the floor, and when asked the reason for his being in that position he made no answer; and as he had previously shown symptoms of suffering from intoxicating liquor, Mr Bonney concluded that he wanted a sleep. Rossey, however, remained in the storeroom and at ten minutes to six o'clock Alexander Robertson, a carpenter, went to see him, when he found the deceased to be in a dying state. Dr Usher was immediately in attendance, and found that the man had a muffler rolled tightly round his throat and neck. Directly this was loosened, the deceased gave a slight groan and died, despite the remedies used by the doctor. An inquest will be held on the body this forenoon.[3]

In October 1887 the hotel was damaged in a storm:

This morning, about 7 o'clock, a heavy storm broke over Ballarat, The lightning was vivid, the thunder loud and the rain heavy. In the city the greater portion of a brick wall at the site of the new Royal Exchange Hotel, corner of Mair and Doveton streets, was knocked down by the electric fluid, and damage to the extent of £50 was done.[4]

In March 1889 there was a disturbance at the hotel:

Four laborers, named respectively Annear, Llewellyn, Hodgson, and Rutherford, created a disturbance on Saturday at the Royal Exchange hotel, Mair street, on Saturday night They entered the hotel and insulted the barmaid, and Mr Slattery endeavored to put them out. The men attacked Mr SIattery, knocking him down and thus ill-treating the landlord, a young (man) kicking him about the head and body. After, a man named Doolan, who went to his assistance, was also badly knocked about. The offenders left the hotel in a hurry, but in a lane at the rear found themselves between Senior Constable O’Grady and Constable Rankin They were arrested on charges of assaulting Mr Slattery and insulting behavior The men went quietly to the lookup, and will be brought before the City Police Court this morning.[5]

In May 1916 the publican, Mary Quinlivan was fined:

In the city court on Tuesday, Mary Quinlivan, licensee of the Royal Exchange Hotel, was lined £1 for having allowed an unauthorised person to remain on her premises during prohibited hours. The man concerned was fined £2.[6]

In December 1929 the publican Eileen Miles was the victim of a fraud:

Advice was received on Friday by the Ballarat police that Trevor Young 23 years, clerk, had been arrested by Constable Kelly at Murrumbeena on a charge of false pretences relating to an alleged valueless cheque for £10 tendered to and cashed by Eileen Miles, licensee of the Royal Exchange Hotel, Doveton-street, on 4th December. Accused will appear at the city court on Saturday.[7]

In August 1941 the publican, Michael Breen was the victim of a fraud:

Henry Reginald Robert Hall 46, baker of Napier st Fitzroy pleaded guilty in the city court yesterday to charges of having passed valueless cheques for £7 on Michael Breen licensee of the Royal Exchange Hotel on August 17 and for £5 on William F. Gribble grocer of Sturt st west on August 19. Hall also admitted a third offence in the theft of a 25/ overcoat belonging to William Seamens of Sherrard st on August 19. Michael Breen said that when Hall went to the hotel to book a room he was wearing an AIF uniform with a sergeants stripes and decorations on the tunic. Hall was committed for trial at the Ballarat General Sessions on September 9.[8]

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