Horse and Jockey Hotel (Yandoit)

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Horse and Jockey Hotel
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Town Yandoit
Known dates 1861-1862

The Horse and Jockey Hotel was a hotel in Yandoit, Victoria, <1861-1862>.

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The hotel was in Yandoit.

History[edit | edit source]

In December 1861 the newspaper reported on the success of miners from Yandoit who had gone to New Zealand:

Another man has made £60 in six weeks, and Mr Webb of the Horse and Jockey Hotel is returning with a handsome sum. The letters containing this intelligence I have seen, and can therefore vouch for their accuracy, as I am well acquainted with the parties who have written for their friends and relations to join them.[1]

The hotel was mentioned in a report on the Licensing Court in June 1862:


The annual licensing meeting was held yesterday, before James Daly, Esq. P. M., and R. Burton, Esq., when the following district publicans' licenses were granted without opposition:— J. Phillips, Horse and Jockey Hotel, Yandoit; R. Tucker, Yandoit Hotel, Yandoit; George Dixon, Hamburg Hotel, Yandoit; J. Honey, Mount Franklin Hotel, Limestone Creek; J. James, Hit-or-Miss Hotel, Deep Creek; M. Rachinger, Camp Hotel, Yandoit. Some fifteen or twenty refreshment licenses were also granted.[2]

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