Hurler's Inn

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Hurler's Inn
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Town Claretown
Closed May 1888
Known dates 1880-1888

Hurler's Inn was a hotel in Claretown, Victoria, <1880-1888>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was described as being at Claretown, opposite the Farmers' Hotel, near Harry Beale's reservoir.[1] In 1888 the location was described as Bungaree,[2] Claretown is about three kms north east of Bungaree.

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

On 9 December 1880, Thomas McMahon applied for a new license for the hotel, which had formerly been known as Brown's Hotel; the application was postponed for two week.[3]

In December 1886 there had been objections to the renewal of the hotel license, however these were withdrawn:

The objection to the license of the Hurlers’ Inn, Beales, on the ground that it was improperly conducted, was also withdrawn.[4]

In August 1887 the hotel was offered for sale:

MONDAY, 22nd AUGUST, At 2 o’clock. FARMING LAND AND HURLERS’ INN, At Claretown, Bungaree. A. M. GREENFIELD and CO. (in conjunction with FREEMAN and CRABBE), have received instructions to sell by public auction, on the ground, at the Hurlers’ Inn, Claretown, Bungaree, All that valuable PROPERTY being portion of allot. 5a, parish of Bungaree, containing 20 acres of splendid Agricultural LAND, on which is erected the HURLERS' INN and CLARETOWN POST-OFFICE, containing 9 rooms and the bar. This property is situated at the junction of four main roads leading to the Bungaree railway station, and is an excellent stand for business, which fact is amply vouched for by the good trade at present being done. The farm is divided into three paddocks, cleared of stumps, of which 11 acres are under wheat and 7 acres under peas. Eight acres have also been prepared for potatoes. On the farm, in addition to the hotel is a 5-roomed cottage and garden, together with stable and other outhouses complete. The water supply is never failing, there being springs close to the house. Terms at sale.[5]

In December 1887 the Licensing Court threatened the hotel with closure:

Thomas M'Mahon, licensee of the Hurler’s Inn, Ormond, and Thomas Cronin, who applied for a transfer of the license, were charged—the former with failing to provide proper accommodation in his licensed premises, and the latter to show cause why the license should not be revoked. Both complaints were, however, withdrawn, after an explanation had been tendered, and the transfer of the license was granted. Mr Morrow (of Messrs Cuthbert, Wynne, and Cos.) appeared for M'Mahon, and Mr Salter for Cronin.[6]

In May 1888 the Ballarat Licensing Court canceled the hotel's license because of its condition:

The license of the Hurlers’ Inn, Bungaree, was forfeited by the Licensing Court yesterday, owing to the want of sufficient accommodation. Inspector Parkinson stated that he had since visited the hotel, and found it in a very dilapidated and dirty state. The licensee was boarding across the road at Keating’s. There were a few chairs, one table, and two beds in the place. The court after hearing the evidence, forfeited the license.[2]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

Sporting[edit | edit source]

  • March 1887, Ormond Hurling Club, meeting.

A MEETING of the ORMOND HURLING CLUB will be held on Friday Evening, 25th inst., at 8 o'clock, at the Hurlers Inn, to make arrangements for match with Emerald Hill, at Wallace, on Easter Monday. All members are requested to attend.[7]

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