Iveson's Hotel

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Iveson's Hotel
Town Daylesford
Street Vincent Street
Closed 1937
Known dates 1900-1937
Evidence Building still standing
Google maps -37.341976, 144.142517

Iveson's Hotel was a hotel in Daylesford, <1900-1915>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Vincent Street, Daylesford.[1]

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Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In December 1900 the Weekly Times included a story on the hotel:

It is known as Iveson's, though that is not the name of the licensee, and it is situate in Vincent street, next the Savings Bank. Mrs Upton is the hostess, and a pleasant hostess she is, with a cheery smile and a pleasant word for her friends and visitors. A kindly style goes a long way in the direction of securing a fair share of the trade that is going, and in addition to this Mrs Upton is able to offer the inducements of a comfortable home and the best of attention. These are things required by the wearied city dwellers who seek in Daylesford respite from cares and worries, and who wish to make their brief holidays as thoroughly enjoyable as possible. Mrs Upton certainly does her best to achieve that desirable end.[2]

The hotel was one of a number of hotels reviewed by the License Reduction Board in 1915[3]:

Mr Shellard appeared for the owner (James Dolphin) and licensee (James Jose). Superintendent Bennett gave evidence regarding the number of rooms and the state of repair of the buildings. Sergeant Myers gave corroborative evidence.

Mr Shellard submitted that the hotel was absolutely required, and pointed out that the police in each instance placed it well down on the list in order of merit. Business returns showed that the hotel was of the most merit in Daylesford, and that it was lately used by all classes of the community, while it specially served the western portion of the town, which was the most thickly populated. It was extensively, patronised by miners on their way to and from work, and being so centrally situated it offered special boarding facilities, which were largely availed of, and was proved by the fact that the hotel was nearly always full of boarders. James Jose repeated his evidence given to the Board previously. He confirmed the same, and brought it up-to-date by producing statements of business for the bar and meal trade, showing that the latter had considerably increased, while his average takings all round also showed an improvement.

Mr Shellard proceeded to call further evidence when the Chairman pointed out that previously the hotel had been largely recommended by a number of citizens, and he would consider that evidence applicable today. Mr Shellard: Some of those who previously gave, evidence are unfortunately dead, but I have other evidence available to prove similar facts. The Chairman: We will take all evidence given on the previous occasion as applicable to-day. Decision was reserved.[4]

The owner agreed to surrender the license to the License Reduction Board in October 1937.[5]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

The People[edit | edit source]

  • In December 1914 the license was granted to James Jose for a fee of £100.[1]
    • At the License Reduction Board hearings in March 1915, the publican was James Jose and the owner was James Dolphin.[4]
    • Jose's license was renewed in December 1915.[6]

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