J. Cunningham

From Hotels of Ballarat
J. Cunningham
Occupation Publican
Years active 1925-1927
Known for Royal Exchange Hotel
Home town Scarsdale
Spouse(s) Sarah Jane Porter (c. 1884-1927)
Children Mollie

J. Cunningham was a publican in Scarsdale, Victoria, 1925-1927>.

History[edit | edit source]

Cunningham held the license for the Royal Exchange Hotel in Scarsdale from at least October 1925.

Cunningham married Sarah Jane Porter, born in c.1884, the daughter of David Marshall Porter and ? Nihill.[1] They had three children, Mollie, Kathleen and Ted.

His daughter, Kathleen, wrote to the Advocate in September 1925 describing life in Scarsdale:

Royal Exchange Hotel, Scarsdale, 19/9/25. Dear Aunt Patsy—Seeing so many letters from the children at "The Advocate" to you, I thought I would also like to become one of the crew of the M. F. B. We live at Scarsdale, 15 miles out of Ballarat, where my fathher keeps an hotel. I milk our cow twice a day,before and after school. I used to go to St. Joseph's School, Lyons-street, Ballarat, before coming lo live here, but have to go to a State school now. I am 10 years old, and in the fifth grade. I have a little brother who is seven years old and in the second grade. He is nearly always away at my auntie's, down at the farm where there is a lot of horses. We have none up here. My cousin has had a nail in his foot. The doctor said that it would have to be put in splints. My brother has a dog with a broken leg. Well, dear Aunt Patsy, I will enclose my crosswords puzzle. Hoping to one one of your little nieces, - Yours affectionately, KATHLEEN CUNNINGHAM.[2]

His wife, Sarah, died in June 1927:

Death: CUNNINGHAM.—On 31st May, at St. John of God's Hospital, Ballarat, Sarah, dearly beloved wife of J. Cunningham, of Royal Exchange Hotel, Scarsdale, and loving mother of Mollie, Kathleen and Ted, late of Manifold Street, Camperdown.[3][1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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