James Doyle

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James Doyle
Occupation Publican
Years active 1855-1867
Known for Ingliston Arms
Great Western Hotel
Limerick Castle (Melbourne)
Home town Ballan
Children James Thomas (1854-1856)

James Doyle was a publican in Ballan, <1855-1867>.

History[edit | edit source]

James Doyle was the publican of the Ingliston Arms in Ballan:

Nor need I omit to mention that in Mr. James Doyle, the landlord, I met one of those old colonists whose recollection carries him back to the times when the city of Melbourne was but a little village and when all that now is was then to be.[1]

A son was born in October 1855:

On the 19th ult., at the Ingliston Arms, Ballan, Mrs. James Dayle, of a son.[2]

His son, James Thomas, died in April 1856:

On the 6th inst., at Ballan, James Thomas, aged two years and four months, son of Mr. James Doyle, Ingliston Arms Hotel.[3]

In March 1867 Doyle is named as the publican of the Great Western Hotel. He left Ballan to take up a hotel business in Melbourne:

MR. JAMES DOYLE, who has been a resident in Ballan for many years, and landlord of the Great Western Hotel, has left Ballan, he having taken the well known house called the "Limerick Castle," in Elizabeth-street, Melbourne. In the early history of Ballan Mr. Doyle was regarded as an energetic and a valuable neighbour, and one ever ready to give a helping hand to any movement for the public good, and the same may be said of late years, so that we feel assured that his old friends, when visiting Melbourne, will pay him a visit, and— "Tak' a cup o' friendship yet, For Auld Lang Syne."[4]

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