James Lowe

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James Lowe
Occupation Publican
Years active 1859-1873
Known for Sir William Wallace Hotel
Home town Ballarat

James Lowe was a publican in Ballarat, Victoria, <1859-1873>.

History[edit | edit source]

James Lowe was the publican of the Sir William Wallace Hotel in Peel Street, from at least June 1859 to December 1873.[1][2][3]

In June 1859 his license application was opposed:

J. Lowe, Sir William Wallace Hotel. Mr Trench appeared for the application, and Mr Dunne opposed it. The ground of objection was, some dispute about jumped ground, and the Bench adjourned the application for three days to allow of its settlement.[4]

In April 1873 he transferred the license to Elizabeth Silk, but after she failed to renew it at the June 1873 Licensing Court, Lowe applied to have his license reinstated:

An application was made by Mr Hardy on behalf of James Lowe, to have the license for an hotel in Wills street transferred back to him. Mr Lewis opposed the application, on the ground that Lowe having transferred his license on the 17th April to Miss Elizabeth Silk, his claim to the license expired, and that Miss Silk would then have to apply for a new license at the current quarterly licensing meeting, and having failed to do so on the 19th June, the license became extinct. Mr Hardy replied that he was of opinion that the license reverted to the original holder, a transfer having only been made for a certain period, and what he wanted was a cancellation of the transfer agreement. Mr Lewis pointed out that the transfer was cancelled by effluxion of time, and that the license for the hotel was extinct. He contended that if a new license was not obtained and drink was sold on the premises that the sale would be illegal. Mr Gaunt was of opinion that the transfer having expired the original license held good, and that the best thing Mr Lewis could do was to bring Lowe up for sly-grog selling, and test the point, with the view of having a special case stated. The court then adjourned.[5]

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