James Tyack

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James Tyack
Born c. 1837
St Agnes, Cornwall
Died 11 November 1867
Ballarat, Victoria
Nationality Cornish
Occupation Publican
Years active 1866-1867
Known for Sons of Freedom Hotel
Home town Ballarat
Spouse(s) Catherine McKenna
Children Thomas
  • Thomas Tyack (father)
  • Sarah (mother)

James Tyack was a publican in Ballarat, <1866-1867.

History[edit | edit source]

James Tyack was born in St Agnes, Cornwall, c. 1837.[1] He was the son of Thomas and Sarah Tyack.[2] He married Catherine McKenna in Victoria in 1857.[3] They had several children:

  • Thomas, born 1861, Indigo, Victoria.[4]
  • James, born 1868, Ballarat East.[5]

Tyack was a keen Cornish wrestler:

SIR, - Having wrestled on Saturday, 2lst February, on the ground adjoining the Duke of Cornwall Hotel, near the Redan Lead, and as it has been the case with many a good man before me, to have been thrown, and not fancying it altogether, I am open to wrestle James Tyack, or any man that wishes to take me up for the sum of £100, on the same ground. Signed, WILLIAM BRAY. Ballarat, 23rd February, 1857.[6]

WILLIAM BRAY and JAMES TYACK. — These men were to have met at the Star Hotel, Ballaarat, on Saturday last, to arrange the necessary business for their match of £1000 a-side, but nothing was done: the affair, however, is not off, and, in all probability the men will wrestle at the Duke of Cornwall on the 14th, but for what amount it is not yet stated.[7]

In May 1866 Tyack was advertising for the owner of pigs that had been found at the hotel:

STRAYED on to my premises, three Pigs-one large sow, with a black spot on rump, and ears and head black, and all the rest white, with two small ones, one hog, not all white but the head; and the small sow, with black spot on rump, and head black, and ears. The two small ones about six months old. The owner, by coming and paying damages, that is, to pay their keep, shall have the pigs. James Tyack, Humffray street, Brown Hill, Ballarat.[8]

In October 1866 Tyack was granted a publican's license for the Sons of Freedom Hotel in Humffray Street, Ballarat.[9]

One week before he died, a wrestling challenge was issued:

CORNISH WRESTLING — I, the undersigned, will deposit the necessary sum and wrestle James Tyack for the Champion Cup now held by him, at the Scotsman's Arms Hotel, Esmond street, Ballarat, on Saturday, 30th November, at two o'clock p.m. CHARLES SIMMONS.[10]

Tyack died at the hotel on 11 November 1867[2]:

Tyack. — On the 11th inst., at the Sons of Freedom Hotel, Ballarat, Mr James Tyack, brother to John Murish Tyack, Chewton, formerly of St. Agnes, Cornwall. Aged 30 years. Home papers please copy.[1]

The Friends of the late Mr JAMES TYACK are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Ballarat Cemetery. The funeral procession to move from his late residence, Brown Hill, Wednesday, 13th inst., at two o'clock precisely. CHARLES MORRIS, Undertaker, Humffray street, near St. Paul's Church; and Sturt street, near Star office.[11]

Two year later, his wife Catherine, who was pregnant at the time of his death, married Edward Quigley in 1869.[12]

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