James Whelpdale

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James Whelpdale
Occupation Farmer
Years active 1861-1864
Known for Carse o'Gowrie
Home town Learmonth

James Whelpdale was a publican in the Ballarat district, <1863-1864>.

History[edit | edit source]

In June 1858, Whelpdale was in court, charged with assault:

HIGHWAY ROBBERY.-James Whelpdale and James Martin were charged at the Eastern Police Court on Saturday, with assaulting one Joseph Alcock, doing him grievous bodily harm, and robbing him of £41 in notes. Mr Dunne appeared for both prisoners. Mr. Poster stated that he had seen the prosecutor who was too ill in bed, at the John o'Groat Hotel, to attend Court. Mr. Dunne would like to have medical testimony as to the condition of the prosecutor. Dr. Allison stated that he had seen the prosecutor. He was ill in bed, and could not attend the Court. His throat was affected, and he could not swallow easily. Cross-examined by Mr. Dunne- The life of the prosecutor would not be endangered by attending Court. He had said in the presence of others that the prosecutor had no marks on his throat, He could not see any marks on the throat. The prosecutor was partially intoxicated. The prosecutor had no limbs broken, no bruises, and his head was not cut. On pressing the throat of the patient on the right side this morning, he complained of pain. The swelling on the throat was less this morning than last night. It would be imprudent to bring the prosecutor into Court. It would not injure the man's health at all to bring him into Court. Mr. Dunne said, after such evidence, there was no ground for a remand. Dr. Leman had seen the man, and there was nothing the matter with him, except that he had been drunk. Mr. Foster said he was not prepared, under any circumstances, to go on with the case. Mr. Dunne said his clients ought to be admitted to bail. Whelpdale was a most respectable farmer at Lake Learmonth, and when arrested had a large sum on him. The Bench remanded the case until Monday morning agreeing to take bail, the two prisoners in £100 each, and two sureties for each in £50 a piece.[1]

Whelpdale was the publican at the Carse o'Gowrie in Learmonth from at least November 1861 to June 1864.[2]

In November 1861 a man was charged for forging cheques supposedly written by Whelpdale:

A man named Frederick Kennedy is accused of having uttered a forged cheque purporting to be signed by Mr Whelpdale, of the Carse o' Gowrie Hotel, Learmonth. The offender, who is described as a carpenter, and about thirty-five years of age passed off the cheque upon Mr J. W. Emery.[3]

The hotel was robbed in April 1862:

Some time on Sunday morning the Carse o'Gowrie Hotel, Learmonth, belonging to Mr Whelpdale, was entered by some thieves who carried away a silver watch and a seal, bottles of gin, sherry, and brandy, large quantity of ready-made clothes, the key to the store attached to the hotel, and some silver.[4]

In June 1864 Whelpdale was listed as insolvent:

No. 1409. IN the Insolvent Estate of JAMES WHELPDALE, of Learmonth, in the Colony of Victoria, Publican and Farmer. — Geelong Circuit District. — Whereas the estate of James Whelpdale, of Learmonth, in the colony of Victoria, publican and farmer, was, on 26th day of April, 1864, placed under sequestration in my hands, by order of his Honor Sir Redmond Barry, Knight, one of the judges of the Supreme Court the colony of Victoria, and who did, by further order under his hand, appoint George Webster, Esquire, Geelong, one of the official assignees of insolvent estates for the colony of Victoria, to be the official assignee of and for this estate : I hereby appoint a PUBLIC MEETING of the CREDITORS of the said James Whelpdale, to be holden before me, at my office, Myers street, Geelong, on MONDAY, the 27th day of JUNE instant, at the hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for proof of debts, and for the election of an assignee, if necessary, to act with the official assignee ; and, unless it shall be shown at such meeting that the goods and effects of the said James Whelpdale exceed the sum of one hundred pounds, I shall summarily proceed to rank the debts which shall then be proved upon the said estate, and direct the proceeds be distributed accordingly. Dated at Geelong, this 15th day of June, a.d. 1864. I, WILLIAM WALDEN, for the Commissioner of insolvent Estates, Circuit District of Geelong.[5]

In January 1865, Whelpdale was granted a hawker's license for the Ballarat district.[6]

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