Jane Fennell

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Jane Fennell
Occupation Sly grog seller
Years active 1865
Home town Ballarat

Jane Fennell was a sly grog seller in Ballarat, <1865>.

History[edit | edit source]

Jane Fennell was charged with selling alcohol without a license in July 1865:

Revenue Officer v Jane Fennell, selling two pints of beer on the 7th instant without having a license. Mr Lynn appeared to prosecute, and Mr Lewis appeared for the defence. The informer in this case was a man named James Bailey, and he deposed that he and his associate had been served with a pint of beer each at the defendant's place. The defendant had no evidence for her defence. Mr Lewis stated that she had a large family to support, and had given the men the beer merely out of charity, as they said they were very hard up. Mr Clissold remarked that it was very strange how come dealers exercised their charity upon informers-the last persons in the world who, it might be supposed, would have anything at least to drink even for payment in an unlicensed house. The evidence for the prosecution, he considered, was clear enough, and he would inflict a penalty of £5, or fourteen days' imprisonment, that being the lowest penalty he could order.[1]

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