Joel Tompkins

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Joel Tompkins
Occupation Publican
Years active 1880
Known for Camp Hotel, Beaufort
Home town Beaufort
Children James

Joel Tompkins was a publican in Beaufort, <1880>.

History[edit | edit source]

Tompkins held the license for the Camp Hotel in Beaufort.

In March 1880 his son James was badly injured:

On Saturday evening last a sad accident happened to a young lad named James Tompkins, second son of Mr Joel Tompkins, of the Camp hotel, Beaufort. It seems that young Tompkins and a lad named Rogers found a tin containing six dynamite caps, and being anxious to find out what they contained, young Tompkins commenced picking at one of them with a pin, when it exploded, inflicting awful injuries to his left hand. The first joint of the thumb was blown off, as also that of the second finger, and the second joint of the third finger, besides inflicting slight injury to his face and the thumb of the right hand Drs Johnston and Govett were called in, and dressed the injured limb. The sufferer, who is progressing as favorably as can be expected, was forwarded to the Ballarat Hospital this morning for treatment.[1]

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