John Bracher

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John Bracher
Occupation Publican
Years active 1866-1868
Known for Suburban Hotel
Criterion Hotel
Spouse(s) Ellen Bracher

John Bracher was a publican in Ballarat, Victoria, <1866-1868>.

History[edit | edit source]

He married Ellen Gleeson in Victoria, in 1856.[1]

Bracher was the publican at the Suburban Hotel in 1866:

A REGULAR CURE. "Through want of timely care, thousands have been knocked into a Cock'd Hat, by not looking to their good health." THE Exhilarating Draughts prepared by J. B., of B.S. are unparalleled for their pureness of spirit and genuine quality, and are warranted to cure the "Dumps", "Blues","Molycoddles", and "Papsilalles", besides many other qualms too expensive to mention. JOHN BRACHER, of Suburban Hotel, Buninyong, would particularly draw the attention of Patients to the necessity of taking his Draughts at the Suburban, where civility and attention are always to be found. N.B.-There's a saving in taking a big bottle.[2]

Bracher is mentioned as the publican of the Criterion Hotel in Bridge Street in 1868.[3]

In 1871 he is in the insolvency court after he took over the Theatre Royal in Ballarat:

John Bracher, of Melbourne, sharebroker. Causes of insolvency-High costs, losses sustained by being lessee of the Theatre Royal, Ballarat, and the cafe attached thereto, and depression in business. Liabilities. £1,382 14s. 4d. ; assets, £10 : deficiency, £1,37214s. 4d. Mr. Jacomb, official assignee.[4]

Amongst the certificates granted to-day at the Insolvent Court might be mentioned that of John Bracher, late a publican at Ballarat.[5]

In 1873 he is back in Buninyong where he is Captain of the Fire Brigade.[6] A newspaper report in January 1875 about a robbery at the Buninyong Estate Company, still names him as publican of the Suburban Hotel.[7]

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