John Keane

From Hotels of Ballarat
John Keane
Died 27 May 1866
Happy Valley
Occupation Publican
Years active 1860-1862
Known for Kerry Hotel
Home town Ballarat
Cape Clear
Spouse(s) Margaret

John Keane was a publican in Ballarat, <1860-1862>.

History[edit | edit source]

In March 1861, Keane was offering a house for sale:

FOR SALE, a Four-roomed Cottage on the Melbourne road, with 20 perches of freehold. For particulars enquire of Mr Kean, Kerry Hotel. Title perfect. Terms easy.[1]

In May 1861, Keane was fined:

At the Police Court yesterday, the owner of the Kerry Hotel was fined 10s and costs for neglecting to register the births of two of his children, according to the requirements of the Act.[2]

Keane was fined for kicking one of his customers in June 1861:

The landlord of the Kerry Hotel was on Saturday fined £1 for kicking a member of the Volunteer Corps with whom he had a difference, and who had used insulting language to him. The Bench intimated that had the defendant not kicked the plaintiff when on the ground no penalty would have been imposed.[3]

The assault case was brought up at his license renewal hearing a week later:

John Keane, the Kerry Hotel. Mr Sub Inspector Downing said Mr Keane had been fined the other day at the Western Court. Mr Clissold said he was "more sinned against than sinning," and granted the application.[4]

In January 1862 Keane's son was run over outside the hotel:

At about seven o'clock on Thursday evening, as a man was driving a tradesman's cart at a moderate pace past the Kerry Hotel, Main road, a little boy of about four years of age, the son of Mr John Keane, ran carelessly in the way of the vehicle, and was thrown down by the nave of the wheel. As he fell, the wheel passed over one of his legs, which was seriously bruised, but luckily not broken. The little fellow was picked up by his father, taken into the hotel, and immediately placed under medical care. No blame whatever is attributable to the driver.[5]

In May 1862 he provided a character reference:

STEALING FROM THE PERSON. — Wm. Crabb was brought up on remand, charged with stealing some documents from a drunken man. Mr Keane, of the Kerry Hotel gave the prisoner a good character. The police knew nothing of the prisoner. He was sent to gaol for a month.[6]

In June 1862 his license for the Kerry Hotel was renewed. He did not have the license in June 1863.

He died in a riding accident between Happy Valley and Cape Clear on 27 May 1866:

John Keane, shoemaker, latterly residing at Cape Clear, but formerly a resident of Ballarat, as landlord of the Kerry hotel, was returning home from Happy Valley, on horseback, on Sunday evening, when he rode against the branch of a tree with his forehead, the collision killing him on the spot. Information was given to the police by a person who had passed that way and seen the deceased. The police there upon went off in search of the body, but owing to the accident having happened in the bush, and it bring then after nightfall, it was near the following morning before the body was found. The force with which the skull of the deceased went against the branch was so great that the branch was broken. It is thought that after the deceased fell he was probably in a dying state, and was so weak that he was soon suffocated in his blood.[7]

FUNERAL NOTICE.-The friends of Mr JOHN KEANE, late of the Kerry Hotel, Main road, are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Ballarat Cemetery. The funeral procession to move from his late residence, Cape Clear, on Wednesday, 30th instant, at six o'clock a.m., and pass Brophy's Atlantic Hotel, Skipton street, about twelve o'clock noon. F. ATKINS, Undertaker, Main road, next Yarrowee Hotel, and Bridge street, near Limerick Castle Hotel (late. A Marshall).[8]

His wife died in June 1913:

KEANE.—On the 4th June, at 14 Lewis street Newmarket, Margaret Keane, relict of the late Mr. John Keane, of Ballarat, of the Old Kerry Hotel, mother of J. H. M. and Mrs. Kidd, aged 8_ years. A pioneer of 59 years. Arrived "Star of the East", September 23, 1854. R.I.P.[9]

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