John Knoth

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John Knoth
Born c.1824
Died August 1910
Nationality German
Occupation Publican
Years active 1888-1910
Known for Grand Stand Hotel
Home town Ballarat
Spouse(s) Ann

John Knoth was a publican in Ballarat, <1888-1910.

History[edit | edit source]

John Knoth was born in Germany.

He was the licensee of the Grand Stand Hotel, Redan, from at least 1872 to 1910.[1]

In October 1903 he was involved in a legal dispute of land, but the case was adjourned as Knoth was in Germany:

WARDENS COURT. Before Mr Warden Dickson. The adjourned case of A. T Robb and J. M. Barker v John Knoth and Peter Noldi, an application for the forfeiture of a mining tenement at Redan, came on for hearing yesterday. Mr F. Ham now appeared for the applicant’s. Mr J. B. Pearson represented the other side. Pearson took the technical objection that the service on Noldi, as agent for Knoth, now supposed to be in Germany, was incomplete, and that the case could not go on. After a long argument Mr Ham was driven to ask for an adjournment, but complained that this was only putting off the case from time to time. There had already been two adjournments. Mr Pearson blandly rejoined. "We want to put it off for ever.” Mr Ham said if an adjournment was granted he would ask that no costs be allowed. Mr Pearson—Good gracious. Why not? After more argument the case was adjourned to 19th November. Mr Pearson asked for substantial costs, and the warden allowed them to the extent of £2 2s.[2]

His wife, Ann, died in 1908.

The death has occurred at Redan, at the age of 82, of Mrs. Ann Knoth, wife of Mr. John Knoth, proprietor of the Grand Stand Hotel, and one of the oldest mining investors in the Ballarat district. Mrs. Knoth, like her husband, was born in Germany, She resided in Ballarat for over 50 years.[3]

John died in August 1910:

OBITUARY. The funeral of Mr John Knoth, the Grand Stand Hotel, Redan, took place yesterday, when his remains were followed to the Ballarat New Cemetery by a very large number of many leading citizens - joining in the funeral cortege. Masters J. Castello, P. Cody, and J. Holland (grandsons of deceased), and T. Hart acted as coffin-bearers, and the pall-bearer's were Messrs F. Hermann, Chas. Cole, F. W. Fleming (Goodfellow and Co.), J. S. Ditty (Brewing Co.). Jas. Kierce; A. Dickman, F. Johnson, Jim Lyons, E. Ballhausen and C. F. Glossbrenner (Deutscher Veirein), T. Cody, D. Crimmins, P. O’Halloran, P. Early, C. Fitzgerald, R. Ryan, J. Harris, J. Costello, P. Costello, G. Sykes, J. Herman, C. Klug, and J. M’Lennan. Service at the graveside was conducted by the Rev Father Flynn, and the funeral arrangements were, in the hands of Messrs. Steve Wellington and Son.[4]

Mr John Knoth, an old resident of Ballarat, who was well known as a mining investor and hotelkeeper, died on Sunday night at the residence of his daughter at Redan. Deceased, who was a native of Germany, was 86 years of age, and arrived in Ballarat in 1854. He followed the occupation of a digger for a number of years, and subsequently engaged in deep mining. He was one of the party who sank the shaft of the famous Great Extended mine near Sebastopol. This shaft bottomed on the gutter, and within the week Mr Knoth and his mates obtained gold valued at over £3,000. Deceased, who was until lately the proprietor of the Grand Stand Hotel at Redan, lost heavily in mining speculations during recent years, especially in connection with the unlucky Berry No. 1 claim at Smeaton. One of Mr Knoth's daughters was married to the jockey "Paddy McGowan, who was killed at Flemington some years ago owing to his horse, Lynburn, falling in the Birthday Handicap.[5]

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