John Moizer

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John Moizer
Other names aka Moisher
aka Moser
Occupation Publican
Years active 1859-1863
Known for Boomerang Hotel
Home town Ballarat

John Moizer was a publican in Ballarat, <1859-1863>.

History[edit | edit source]

Moizer held the license for the Boomerang Hotel in Main Road. His name was often spelled differently, including Moisher and Moser.

He was granted the license for the Boomerang Hotel in June 1859.[1] In June 1861 the newspaper recorded the name Thomas Moiser.[2] The license was renewed in June 1862.[3]

In May 1863 the hotel was put up for sale:

TUESDAY 12th MAY. POSITIVE AND UNRESERVED SALE. THE BOOMERANG HOTEL. CHAS. DYTE has received directions from Mr. Moser, to sell the above property, without the slightest reserve, on the premises, Plank road, on Tuesday, 12th May, at twelve o'clock sharp. The Boomerang Hotel has, besides the bar, an assembly or concert room, bar and other parlors, five bedrooms, kitchen, five stall stable and out-houses, and is situated on the Plank road, near to the claims which have been purchased by the New Mining Company. Terms-at sale No reserve, CHAS. DYTE, Auctioneer.[4]

In June 1863 he was fined for using abusive language while drunk:

ABUSIVE LANGUAGE.-John Moizer was charged with having been drunk, disorderly, and using abusive language to Dr Kenworthy. Dr Kenworthy said he did not wish to press the charge against the accused, as Mr Moizer had apologised for what he had said. Inspector Kabat remarked that the defendant was a publican. Mr Clissold said it was well for the defendant that the doctor had withdrawn the charge for abusive language. For being drunk the bench would fine the defendant 5s.[5]

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