John Riordan

From Hotels of Ballarat
John Riordan
Born c. 1840
Snug, Tasmania
Died September 1905
Portland, Victoria
Occupation Publican
Years active 1884
Known for American Hotel
Brophy's Hotel
Royal George Hotel
Bull and Mouth Hotel
Home town Creswick
Spouse(s) Bridget Ryan
Children James
William Daniel
Catherine Ann
  • James Riordan (father)
  • Mary O'Connor (mother)

John Riordan was a publican in the Ballarat district in the 1880s.

History[edit | edit source]

John Riordan was born c.1840 at Snug River, Tasmania, the son of James Riordan and Mary O'Connor.[1]

Riordan married Bridget Ryan (1847-1889), daughter of John Ryan and Mary Larkin[2], on 7 August 1867, at St. Augustine's Church, Creswick. They had several children including:

  • James (1863) at Creswick.[3]
  • John Bernard (1869-1898) at Creswick.[4]
  • Mary (1871-1872) at Creswick.[5][6]
  • William Daniel (1874-1893) at Creswick.[7][8]
  • Thomas (1874) at Creswick.[9]
  • Catherine Anne (1876) at Creswick.[10]
  • Edward (1878-1936) at Creswick.[11][12]

Riordan held the licenses for the American Hotel in Creswick. In 1881 Riordan was called as a witness into an enquiry "...connected with charges made against Constable Moran for neglect of duty in July last and for making false statements to the Honorable the Commissioner for Lands".[13] He was later publican at Brophy's Hotel in Ballarat.

In September 1884 he was advertising he had taken over the license of the Royal George Hotel in Lydiard Street Ballarat:

JOHN RIORDAN Late of the AMERICAN HOTEL, Creswick, and BROPHY’S HOTEL, Ballarat. ROYAL GEORGE HOTEL, CORNER OF MAIR AND LYDIARD STREETS Where he hopes to see his old friends and the general public; and he will use his best endeavours to ensure success by strict attention to the wants of his patrons and selling only the very best Wines, Spirits, &c. Accommodation for BOARDERS; charges moderate. Within three minutes’ walk from Railway Station or Post-office.[14]

In 1887 Riordan was back in Creswick where he took over the license for the Bull and Mouth Hotel.[15][16]

In July 1889, his wife died at Creswick.[17] This was reported in the newspaper:

CRESWICK. Thursday. (FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT.) The town has been thrown into a state of mourning through two deaths having occurred —one in the north, the other in the south. Mrs Riordan, wife of Mr John Riordan, of the Bull and Mouth hotel, and formerly of the Royal George hotel, Ballarat, was one of those taken; while the other

case was that of a young man named Richard Stevens-Richards, son of Mr H. S. Richards, of the Star hotel, North Creswick. Mrs Riordan had been seriously ill for several weeks, and medical skill proved of no avail. Young Richards had his spine injured by a fall of earth in a mine about two years ago, since which he had lived in a very

feeble state. Much sympathy is being manifested towards the relatives of the deceased.[16]

In February 1890 he had to take legal action against a boarder for unpaid accounts.[18]

John Riordan died in Portland, Victoria, on 27 September 1905:

CRESWICK. DEATH OF AN OLD IDENTITY. Word was received from Portland on Wednesday that Mr John Riordan had died at his residence. The deceased gentleman was an old identity of this town, and for many years was landlord of the American hotel. He for some years occupied the position of captain of the Fire Brigade.[19]

Riordan was licensee of the London Hotel, Portland, at the time of his death.[20]

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