John Veitch

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John Veitch
Occupation Publican
Years active 1842-1847
Known for Buninyong Inn
Home town Buninyong

John Veitch was a publican in Buninyong, <1842-1847>.

History[edit | edit source]

Veitch opened the first hotel in Buninyong, the Buninyong Inn, in 1842.[1]

Veitch was granted a license for a hotel in Buninyong in April 1846 and 1847.[2][3]

In November 1846 Veitch was a witness to a murder in his hotel, the Buninyong Inn.[4]

In April 1847, Veitch announced he was leaving the hotel:

ALL Parties indebted to Mr John Veitch, Buninyong Inn, are requested to settle their accounts within three months from this date, he being about to leave the business. Buninyong, 21st April, 1847.[5]

He renewed his license in April 1847.[6]

His new store, next door to the hotel was opened by October 1847:

Buninyong Store. John Veitch (Late Landlord of the Buninyong Inn,) MOST respectfully intimates to the settlers and residents in that district, that he has opened a GENERAL STORE, adjacent to the Inn, with a stock consisting of every article necessary for the Bush, which has been bought with the strictest regard to quality, to be sold at TOWN PRICEs, a small addition being charged. for cartage. J. V. would particularly call attention to his stock of Tea, Sugar, Flour, Ironmongery, Groceries and Medicines, all of which are of the best description, and exceedingly moderate in price. An Excellent assortment of Saddlery, Ladies' Dresses, Bonnets, Powder, Shot, &c.[7]

In November 1848 Veitch was advertising his Buninyong Store:

BUNINYONG STORE. JOHN VEITCH RESPECTFULLY calls the attention of his numerous customers and others in the district to his present stock. Bushmen's Clothing, with every other article of wearing apparel for men women and children, HE WOULD PARTICULARLY NOTICE. Also, Calicoes Blankets, Rugs, Sheeting and Shirting. They having been bought with strict regard to quality, from the latest arrivals from England, are consequently new and far superior to what is generally sold in the country as Slop Goods, He has also on hand a large assortment of Ironmongery, Cutlery, Tin Ware, Drugs, Groceries. Saddlery, Stationery &c, of the best description at exceedingly moderate prices. Men's Clothing made to order by an experienced Tailor. A strong new Horse Dray for Sale (Price £10 10.) Buninyong. 10th March, 1848.[8]

In December 1848 Veitch was advertising for a lost horse:

LOST. Two Pounds Reward. FROM the Station of H. N. Simson, Esq., Buninyong road, a Bay Horse, black points, square tail, white star on Forehead, 15 hands 3 Inches high, branded (L) off shoulder. The above reward will be paid to any person delivering him at the station, or to Mr J. Veitch, Buninyong. J. VEITCH. Buninyong. Nov. 28th, 1848.[9]

From at least April 1849, Veitch was the local agent at Buninyong for the Geelong Advertiser.[10] He also became an the local agent for the Melbourne Argus about 1852.[11]

In July 1852 Veitch was again advertising for a lost horse:

ONE pound reward.-Lost, BRIGHT BAY MARE, branded 90 off shoulder, MT near shoulder, white star on forehead, small lump, about the size of an egg, under the neck, from Ballarat. Any one giving information that will lead to the recovery of the mare either to Mr John Veitch, Buninyong, or to the Commissioner at Ballarat, will receive the above reward of One Pound.[12]

In October 1852, Veitch was also acting as the contact for one of the local doctors:

DR JAMES TOWNLEY GRAHAM, late House Surgeon of the Royal Infirmary, and Fever Hospitals, Liverpool, England, has commenced his profession at Buninyong and Ballarat at which places he may be consulted daily. All communications, addressed to him care of Mr Veitch, Buninyong, or Eureka, will have immediate attention.[13]

In March 1853, Veitch's store at Winter's Flat, or Winter's Bottom, was robbed:

William Donovan, and Robert Harrison, alias Marks, were arraigned for stealing a gun, a revolver pistol, two horse pistols, &c., from a dwelling, of the values of five pounds. Joseph Hoare-On 27th February, I was in the service of Mr John Veitch, of Buninyong, at his store on Wister's Flat, about three miles from Buninyong; the two prisoners, accompanied by a third man, entered the tent about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and began to ask the prices of things; there was a new double-barrelled gun, two horse pistols, and a revolver in the tent ; the two pistols were hanging up inside the counter; the revolver was under some shirts, and the gun was laying on some sacks of flour; there was some conversation about firing ; William Donovan asked to see the pistols; I discharged one, after which they they brought in two or three bottles of porter ; one of them asked me to bring some shirts from the back of the store; I was obliged to refer to books for prices of articles; witness missed the fire-arms, and remarked to Harrison that it was shameful treatment; Harrison told him to go to h-l, and asked how he (witness) could help himself; missed some silk handkerchiefs; other customers came in and went out whilst the prisoner's were there; did not show firearms or handkerchiefs to any one else; nobody else touched or handled them except the prisoners; Harrison was the last man that went out; he had not the fire-arms; the three men were living together in one tent and agreed in pricing the things. W. B. Smith, Inspector of Detectives-On 28th February, from information received, went to Mr. Veitch's Store, Winters's Flat. Searched the house where Harrison lived. Found nothing. Henry Smith was storekeeper at Winter's Bottom, at a store belonging to Mr. Veitch. On a Sunday morning, about a fortnight or three weeks ago, I came to Buninyong. On returning to Winter's Bottom, everything was turned up. I missed the firerarms. Asked what was the matter, and Joe said the place had been robbed. He did not mention any names, but said he could identify the thieves next morning. Richard Kent, gold digger-Was at Veitch's store on the Sunday in question. Neither of the prisoners were present. The storekeeper was drunk. Henry Fotheringhnm, gold digger-Saw Harrison on the day mentioned, who said that he had sold a gun. Was at Veitch's Store, the same evening. The storekeeper was the worse for liquor. Did not see the gun but my mate did. Richard Kent, recalled.-The gun he saw in possession of Harrison was a rifle. Verdict-Not Guilty. Discharged.[14]

In August 1853, the store was offered for sale:

FOR SALE.--Mr. Veitch's Store, at Buninyong with an Allotment of Land adjoining. Also the Stock In Trade and Goodwill of the Business. For particulars, apply to Messr. SANDFORD & HARWOOD. Solicitors, Market-square[15]

The business was still for sale in December 1853:

THE GOLD FIELDS. BUNINYONG ! BUNINYONG! An Entire Corner Allotment, upon which is erected FIRST RATE BUSINESS PREMISES Comprising a store, in full trade, in the heart of this ELDORADO: T. C. RIDDLE, Has much pleasure in announcing in structions received from the proprietor, John Veitch, Esq., To offer for sale, by private contract, until further instructions are received, THE whole of that valuably situate Allotment for business purposes, situate at the corner of Scott and Warraneep-streets, containing an entire Government Allotment of the old (and by the people approved survey) described as Allotment 2, Section 9, having a frontage of 132 feet to Scott-street, by a depth of 165 feet along Warraneep street, forming, on the whole, the best situate premises for business of any description in Buninyong. Description of position is superfluous, suffice it, that it is situate in the heart of the Gold Country, and on the direct line of open road to the Leigh, Ballarat, Port Fairy, and to the pastoral plains of the Western District. For further particulars and terms, apply to T. C. RIDDLE, Market Square[16]

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References[edit | edit source]

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