Joseph Stone

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Joseph Stone
Born c. 1821
Liverpool, England
Died 1899
Windermere, Victoria
Occupation Publican
Years active 16 November 1857-1867
Known for Hermit's Cave Hotel
Windermere Hotel
Half-Way House
Home town Ballarat
Spouse(s) Mary Parr
Children Mary (1844)
George (1846)
Elizabeth (1850)

Joseph Stone was a publican n Ballarat, <1857-1867>

History[edit | edit source]

Stone had the license for the Hermit's Cave Hotel in Main Road, Ballarat, from at least June 1857.[1]

In 1888, Withers wrote about Stone in his recollections of the early days at Ballarat:

Stone mentioned awhile back kept the Hermit's Cave in the Main road, on the south side a little east of Barkly street, and not far from the old Duchess of Kent. Stone had as a sign a picture of a Druid-like Hermit in a cave, and underneath the following lines:—

"The Hermits of old drank water, ’twas cold,
They faded and withered away;
But the moderns found out, that ale and brown stout,
Was good for to moisten old clay.”

Although the inexorable necessities of rhythmical space prevented its expression, the builders of the lofty rhyme just quoted implied, no doubt, the potent adjective “good” in relation to the liquors mentioned. It is consoling, too, to know that, as to Stone, it was not a case of sic cos non cobis ("thus we labour but not for ourselves"), for he, though jaded, has not “ withered away,” but still survives, it is said (1888) somewhere amongst the fat lands of Learmonth. One naturally pictures him as a kind of druidic antique with flowing beard, serene in happy contiguity to the fluid medicaments with which his venerable clay may yet be sustainingly moistened. What deadly emphasis this theory as to the weighty moral conveyed in the poetry of the Stone-cave period gives to one of the climaxes in the following paragraph, let the ingenious reader discover and devoutly perpend.[2]

In July 1859 Stone was granted the license for the Windermere Hotel but he failed to appear at the court hearing and the application was struck out.[3] The license was granted in June 1860.[4]

In April 1860, Joseph Stone offered the Windermere Hotel for lease:

TO LET, the WINDERMERE HOTEL, six miles from Ballarat on the Raglan road, with 30 acres of land. Apply to the owner, Mr Joseph Stone.[5]

In June 1862 he still held the license of the Windermere Hotel.[6]

In December 1866, Stone applied for a license for the Half-Way House at Cardigan:

To the Bench of Magistrates at Learmonth. I JOSEPH STONE, of Cardigan, in the Colony , of Victoria, hotelkeeper, do hereby give notice, that it is my intention to apply to the Justices sitting in the Court of Petty Sessions, to be holden at Learmonth, on the seventh day of January, next, for a Certificate authorising the issue of a Publican's License for a house situated at Cardigan, containing two sitting-rooms and four bedrooms, exclusive of those required for the use of my family. The house is my own property, at present licensed and known by the sign of the Half-way House, The 24th December, A.D. 1866. JOSEPH STONE.[7]

In October 1873, Stone advertised the Half-Way House for sale, as his health was failing.

When Stone died in 1899, the Ballarat Star printed his obituary:

Another of the early pioneers of Ballarat has passed away in the person of Mr Joseph Stone, who died to-day, at his residence, Windermere, at the ripe age of 78. Mr Stone and three of his family arrived in the colony in 1852, and came on Ballarat, living for a time on the Gravel Pits. Afterwards he went to the M’lvor and Bendigo diggings, where he was very successful. Returning to Ballarat with a large sum of money, he invested part of it in building the Hermit’s Cave hotel, in Main Street. Here for a number of years Mr Stone carried on business, subsequently letting the hotel, when he purchased a farm from Smith and Wynne, at Windermere, where he has since resided. He leaves a widow well provided for and three daughters comfortably settled in life.[8]

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