Junction Hotel (Sulky Gully)

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Junction Hotel
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Town Sulky Gully
Known dates 1863-1871
Other names Grand Junction Hotel

The Junction Hotel was a hotel in Sulky Gully, Victoria, <1863-1871>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Sulky Gully.[1] Also referred to as the Grand Junction Hotel in 1863.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In April 1863, Susan Blight wrote to the Creswickshire Council asking for exemption from rates in consideration of work she had done on the road near the hotel:

From Mrs Blight, of Sulky Gully, containing the recommendation of several neighbors that the Board should not enforce the payment of her rates, amounting to £3, in consideration of her having, at her own cost, made certain improvements on the road near her premises, the Grand Junction Hotel...Moved by Mr M'Lean, and seconded by Mr Laidlaw -" That the matter of Mrs Blight's application be reported on by the Parish Committee." Carried.[2]

The council agreed to her request in August 1863.[3]

In 1865 the license was reduced from a hotel license to a beer shop license.[4]

In May 1868 a horse was stolen from the hotel:

A case of dishonesty and ingratitude is thus noticed by a country paper:-"A little old man who, appearing to be on the tramp, was allowed by Mrs. Blight, of Sulky Gully, to sleep in her stable on the night of Friday, 15th inst., next morning decamped with one of the draught horses, and a saddle and bridle."[5]

In November 1871 a man was arrested at the hotel:

On Thursday, 16th November, before Mr Lowers, Thomas Weeks was charged with embezzling £19, the property of Thomas Fraser, of the Saw-mills, Pinchgut. It appeared that the prisoner, who had been arrested by Constable Bourke, at Blight’s hotel, Sulky Gully, had gone to Ballarat with a load, and then got on the spree and spent the proceeds thereof, but as it appeared that the prisoner was to a certain extent a partner in the property the charge could not be sustained, and he was discharged.[6]

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