Kerry Hotel

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Kerry Hotel
The hotel after closing.
Source and date unknown
Town Ballarat
Street Main Road
Known dates 1860-1872

The Kerry Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1860-1872.

Site[edit | edit source]

The Kerry Hotel was in Main Road.[1] It was next to the New Eglinton Hotel.

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In June 1861, the publican (John Keane) was fined for kicking one of his customers:

The landlord of the Kerry Hotel was on Saturday fined £1 for kicking a member of the Volunteer Corps with whom he had a difference, and who had used insulting language to him. The Bench intimated that had the defendant not kicked the plaintiff when on the ground no penalty would have been imposed.[2]

In October 1862, John Armitage, was taken to the hotel after an accident. Armitage, a plasterer, had been severely injured when the scaffolding collapsed on a nearby building site. he was then taken to the hospital where he died the following day. The inquest was held at the White Hart Hotel in Sturt Street.[3]

The hotel later became a hairdresser's owned by William Walker. See the photo where the name of the hotel is still visible.

A report on a fire in 1904 prompted a memory from an older resident:

Writing with, regard to the recent fire at Walker’s shop in Main road, an old colonist states that the old house was kept as the Kerry Hotel in 1860 by a Mr Keane. The building was a landmark of Ballarat East, and was associated very closely with the early history of the Town.[4]

In July 1863, a Mr. Hare of the Kerry hotel was fined:

"...for allowing disorderly conduct in the Kerry Hotel, at three o'clock p.m. on Sunday. Mr Hare said he was not at home when the chaps came in, and he was very sorry; fined 20s and costs."[5]

In February 1865 the publican arranged to transport an ill customer to the hospital:

A harvest laborer named Simon Milican, came into Ballarat on Tuesday, and called at Mrs Carroll's Garryowen Hotel, Melbourne Road, where he left his swag. On that and the two subsequent days he seems to have visited several public houses, drinking here and there, and complaining of intense pain in his abdomen. On Thursday he had been taken up in Melbourne road and sent down in a cab to the Kerry Hotel, where it was understood he had stayed the night before. He was then under the influence of drink, and said he had been at the Garryowen Hotel. He remained at Mr Lyon's house that night but the landlord reported the matter to the police, and next morning took Milican to the Ballarat District Hospital in a cab. He was prescribed for by one of the honorary medical officers, and on Saturday received every attention from the resident surgeon. To that officer Milican confessed he had been drinking heavily for some time past, but that he had fallen from his horse and received a blow in the right side of the abdomen. He could not, however, give any clear account of this, and there were no external marks of injury. He died on Sunday morning. Post mortem examination revealed acute inflammation of the liver and intestines. The gall bladder was filled with blood and contained besides a dozen gall stones. At the inquest held on Wednesday the jury returned a verdict that death had been caused by acute inflammation of the liver and intestines, accelerated by the use of intoxicating drinks. The deceased was a married man, about forty-five years of age, had two daughters in the colony, and was a native of Kilrush, county Clare, Ireland.[6]

In November 1872 the publican, Mary Hayes was fined:

Mary Hayes, the lessee of the Kerry hotel, Main street, was summoned to the Eastern Police-court on Thursday to answer a charge of having allowed persons to play cards in her licensed house at two o’clock last Sunday morning. Constables Sheridan and Thompson, who had witnessed the proceedings through a window, stated they had watched the card playing go on until the players, four in number, refreshed themselves with four glasses of beer. The defendant was fined £5, with 5s costs; distress to issue, and one month’s imprisonment to be suffered in default of satisfaction.[7]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

The People[edit | edit source]

Transfer of License —An application was made for the transfer of the license held by Francis Lyons for the Kerry hotel, Main street, to Mary Hays. As Mary Hays did not appear the application was postponed until Monday.[12]

  • In November 1872 Hayes was fined.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; invalid names, e.g. too many
    • In December 1872, Mary Hayes applied for the license, however as she did not appear in court the license was refused.[13]

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