Kingston Hotel

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Kingston Hotel
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Town Kingston
Opened July 1857
Closed 1916
Known dates 1857-1916

The Kingston Hotel was a hotel in Kingston, Victoria, 1857-1916.

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The hotel was in Kingston.[1]

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The hotel was refused a license at the Creswick Court, as all the building work had not been completed by early July 1857:

Frederick Wm. Everard, Kingston Hotel. Serjeant Bolton said, when he visited applicant's house it was unprovided with stables. Mr Barton, who appeared in support, in formed the court that stables were in course of erection, and would be finished in a few days. Captain Hepburn said he believed the applicant was a proper person to have a license, and that a licensed house was much required at the place ; but the Court had decided not to grant a license to unfinished houses. Postponed to 28th.[2]

In November 1886 the publican's wife attempted suicide by throwing herself into the well:

A young woman named Mrs Bradley, living at Bradley’s hotel, attempted to commit suicide this morning, at Kingston, by throwing herself down a well. The well is at the side of the hotel, about 36 feet deep, and there is about 4 feet of water in it. A young man named Craig, who happened to be there at the time, went down the windlass rope, and when he reached the water he found the unfortunate woman with her head under water, and holding her hands up. After considerable difficulty be sent her to the surface, which she reached very much exhausted after her immersion.[3]

The hotel's license was reviewed by the Creswick Licensing Court in January 1916.[4] Hearings were held in February 1916:

In the case of the Kingston hotel, Kingston-owners, the trustees of the late Michael Kenna; licensee, Michael Kane - Mr H. G. Morrow appeared for the parties. Mounted Constable Treacy gave details of the building, and said the hotel was kept clean and well conducted. The Commercial hotel was 90 yards south, and was practically new being cleanly kept and well conducted. He thought one hotel at Kingston would be sufficient. To the board: Allendale was entitled to two hotels before Kingston. To Mr Morrow: One hotel could be closed both at Kingston and at Springmount. If only one was to be closed out of the four, the two at Kingston should remain. Mr. Morrow said he submitted that Kingston had strong claims to retain both its hotels. The board should not close the seven hotels: in any case the Kingston hotel should be left. J. T. Sloan, auctioneer and valuer deposed that in his opinion they should not close more than five or six hotels, and the Kingston hotel should not be in that number. To the board: It was a very permanent district, and Kingston was the central place for shire matters. He agreed that Allendale should have two hotels before Kingston. Residents of Kangaroo Hills and other places came to Kingston to get their vehicles repaired and there were also big chaff mills there. To the inspector: He would close both hotels at Springmount before those at Kingston. John T. Yates, farmer and president of the Shire council and agricultural society, was strongly in favor of retaining both hotels at Kingston. C. C. Phillips, secretary of the agricultural society, expressed the view that the two hotels were required at Kingston. Gilbert J. Brinsden. storekeeper. Kingston, agreed that neither hotels should be closed. One hotel at Kingston would not be desirable. Mrs Kane, wife of the licensee, produced the books giving an accurate account of the business at the hotel. The licensee said be was anxious that the hotel should not be closed. It required a little papering. The decision was reserved. [5]

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