Lant Power

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Lant Power
Occupation Publican
Years active 1867-1886
Known for Alchymist Hotel
Springdallah Hotel
Home town Derwent Jacks

Lant Power was a publican at Springdallah, Victoria, <1867-1886>.

History[edit | edit source]

In December 1867 Power was fined at the Linton Court for not having a publican's license. The hotel was not named in the newspaper report:

John Robertson v Lant Power, do. Stockton deposed to having got the liquor at the defendant's place from a little girl. The defendant alleged that a girl, fourteen years of age, had been in the charge of the bar, and the informers frightened her into giving the liquor. The informers denied the allegation. John Robertson proved the ownership of the house; fined £5 and 21s costs; execution stayed for a month.[1]

In 1871 Power was granted the license for the Alchymist Hotel:

A publican’s license was also granted to Lant Power, for the Alchymist hotel, Derwent Jacks; Mr Laidlaw remarked that the hotel in question was the first that had been erected in that locality;[2]

Power had his license forfeited by the Scarsdale Licensing Court in September 1886:

Lant Power, of the Springdallah hotel, Derwent Jacks, was charged by Inspector Parkinson with being absent from his premises since March last, and allowing an unlicensed person to carry on the business in the interim. —License forfeited.[3]

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