Lee and Hull's Brewery

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Lee and Hull's Brewery
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Town Ballarat
Street Ascot Street
Opened 1862
Known dates 1862-1889
Other names Cooper and Lee
Lee's Brewery

Lee and Hull's Brewery was a brewery in Ballarat, Victoria, 1862-1889>

Site[edit | edit source]

The brewery is described in two reports as being in different places, but both reports state the brewery has not moved. The Ballarat Star article of 1870 places it in Ascot Street[1], but the 1889 report by W. B. Withers locates it in Ripon Street, Ballarat.[2] Withers probably wrote the 1870 article too. Is the second report wrong, or did the brewery reolcate? Is this the Ascot Street Brewery offered for sale in 1871?

Background[edit | edit source]

Lee had been operating on the site for some time, there was a cordial factory operating as Cooper and Lee, then a bottling plant run by Lee and Hull, then their brewery, and finally Lee by himself with Lee's Brewery.

History[edit | edit source]

W. W. Withers described the brewery in a reminiscence in 1889:

In 1862 Lee and Hull started a bottling factory in Ripon street, and soon after that founded the brewery, which is still there (1889) in Mr Lee’s sole proprietorship. There had been there also for some time a cordial factory by Cooper and Lee.[2]

In 1870 the Ballarat Star reported on the brewery:

Lee’s Brewery, in Ascot street, is different to most of the others, as Mr Lee has no steam-power. His is principally a bottling business, and very little ale or porter is sent out in bulk. His mash'tun holds 15 hhds, and the copper is heated with a fire underneath. The mashing is done with curiously shaped bars, and the liquor instead of being cooled by passing over a runs on to a'large flat tray or cooler about 20 feet square. The cellar holds about 50 hhds. Mr. Lee has the same apparatus for lifting casks from the cellar as, Mr Scrase. In the bottling-room about 800 dozen bottles of ale and porter are stowed away in racks. The beer is bottled with the ordinary syphon bottling apparatus.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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