Lexton Hotel

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Lexton Hotel
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Town Lexton
Opened 1853
Closed February 1899
Known dates 1861
Demolished Destroyed by fire, 10 February 1899

The Lexton Hotel was a hotel in Lexton, Victoria, <1861>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Lexton.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The hotel was built and opened in 1853 by John Mylrea, also spelled as Milrea.[2]

The Avoca Historical Society wrote:

By 1852, the Lexton Hotel of 27 rooms was in existence on land now taken up by Toll Bar Park. The hotel was very important to the town, having a large assembly hall and with stables and grooms’ quarters at the rear. It was the staging post for Cobb and Co. and served as temporary quarters for early police troopers in the town.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

There was also a Lexton Hotel at the Lamplough goldfield, about 15 kms north of Lexton. In June 1860 the publican was a Mr. Brabner. The hotel, and furniture, were offered for sale in October 1861:

PRELIMINARY NOTICE. TO BE SOLD by private treaty, the LEXTON HOTEL, Lamplough, cheap. Also, To be sold by public auction, Dining Room and Bedroom Furniture, &c., complete. Full particulars in future advertisement. Apply : JOHN MYLREA, Lexton Hotel, Lexton.[1]

The hotel was offered for sale again in December 1864:

WEDNESDAY, 21st, and THURSDAY, 22nd DECEMBER. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. To Licensed Victuallers. Capitalists, Speculators, Parties Famishing, and Others. FOR UNRESERVED SALE BY AUCTION, LEXTON HOTEL, FREEHOLD PROPERTY. Wines, Spirits, Ales, Porter, Groceries, Oilmen's Stores Modern Household Furniture, Pianoforte. Plated Ware. Dairy Cows, Horses, Pigs. Drays, Waggon, and other Effects. FREDERICK EVERINGHAM has been favored with instructions from JOHN MYLREA, Esq, now in Queensland, to sell by Public Auction, on the premises, at Lexton, on the 21st and 22nd December, commencing punctually at eleven o'clock each day. All those commodious and substantially built premises known as the LEXTON HOTEL, situate at Lexton, at the junction of the Wimmera, Talbot, Beaufort, Avoca, Ballarat, and Amphitheatre roads, the whole of the Northern traffic passes the door, including Cobb's coaches, which stop for breakfast and dinner every day. The premises adjoin the offices of the Shire Council The Hotel contains large Bar, Tap room, Diningroom, Breakfast room, 2 Parlours, 18 Bedrooms, Pantry, Laundry, Cellar, Dairy, Kitchen, Billiard room, and servants' rooms. The detached buildings in yard, consist of a capacious Theatre, fitted with stage and scenery, &c. Also, an extensive range of Stabling, Coach-house, Store room, Washing room, Harness do, hen houses, piggeries, and stockyard. The above premises are all built on Allotments 1 and 10, section 5, containing, by admeasurement, 1 acre, more or less, a portion of which is tastefully laid out as a garden. Also the following town and suburban lots: Allotment 2, section 35, containing 2 roods. Allotments 8, 9, and 10, section 37, containing 2 roods each. Allotment 2, section 32, containing 2 roods. Suburban allotment No. 10, size, 3 acres 1 rood, securely fenced with a six-rail fence and capped, used for receiving large mobs of cattle, &c, &c. LIVE STOCK, &c., IN YARD. 8 superior bred milch cows, with calves at foot, 20 Berkshire pigs, 2 staunch horses, 1 fast-trotting buggy mare, three years old, poultry, 2 drays, harness, water trucks, barrels; together with sundry other useful articles instable, yard, and storeroom. All the above property and stock will be sold on Wednesday, 21st inst, commencing at 11 o'clock sharp.
SECOND DAY'S SALE. THURSDAY, 22nd DECEMBER, At 11 o'clock. The sale will commence with the STOCK-IN TRADE, consisting of various kinds of wines, spirits, ales, porter, groceries, oilmen's stores, provisions, grain, oil, kerosene, paints, bags, scales, billiard table, bar fixings, &c., &c., Also, All the modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising drawing suites, pianoforte, cheffoniers, sideboards, clocks, pier glasses, mahogany loo tables, cedar do, easy chairs, cane and hair seated do, pictures, vases, shades, ornaments, Brussels carpets, oil cloths, papier-mache tea trays, table covers, table cloths, hearth rugs, damask curtains, cornices, books, engravings, musical boxes, book-cases; breakfast, dinner, and tea services; cut decanters and glasses, bedsteads and bedding for twenty bedrooms, baths, plated salvers, four pairs candelabras, silver and plated candlesticks, do cruet stands, do cake baskets and liqueur stands, plated tea and coffee pots, tureens, dish covers, lamps, plated forks, knives, fenders, fire irons, statuettes, &c., &c. Terms for the hotel and lands-One fourth cash, the remainder by bills at 3, 6, 12, and 24 months, bearing 8 per cent interest. Terms for stock and furniture-Under £25, cash; above that sum, an approved bill at 3 months. Catalogues containing full particulars can be had on application at the office of the auctioneer, or at the Lexton Hotel, Lexton, where the property can be viewed. Title perfect. Luncheon provided. Note. The Auctioneer can with confidence recommend the above well known hotel to the attention of the public as offering one of the best opportunities for a safe and profitable investment which can be met with. Its first class position on the great route to the Wimmera, Avoca, and pastoral country to the north, together with the superior accommodation which the hotel possesses, present an opening for a business person to make a fortune in a short time, and with very little trouble. The owner's having bought a station in Queensland, is the only reason for the property being sold.[4]

The hotel was destroyed by fire on 10 February 1899.[3]

The vacant site was used as a sale yard from 1910-1950s. The site was purchased by the Shire of Lexton and developed into a public park, Toll Bar Park, for Victoria's 150th Celebrations in 1985.[3]

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References[edit | edit source]

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