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The Licenses Reduction Board met at Beaufort and Linton in 1912.

LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD. The following districts will be visited by the Licenses Reduction Board during the ensuing half-year in connection with its work of deprivation of licenses. Country: Barkly (Bendigo), Darling (Bendigo), Beaufort, Lexton, Pitfield, Dunolly, St. Arnaud, Heathcote, Trentham and Wangaratta. On 13th February the sittings will be commenced to deal with the Linton and Beaufort for the Beaufort, Lexton and Pitfield districts.[1]

Details[edit | edit source]

The Board met in Beaufort and Linton to decide how many of the district hotels had to be closed, and held hearings to determine which hotel they should be:

LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD. POLICY OF SURRENDERING LICENSES. BEAUFORT, Wednesday. The Licenses Reduction Board (Messrs Barr, and Andrews) again sat at the Beaufort Court House this morning. The first case on the list was that of the Sailor's Gully Hotel, Nerring, of, which Mr R. A. M'Callum is the owner and licensee. Mr S. Young, who appeared on Mr M'Callum’s behalf, said they did not intend to oppose the closing of the hotel. Mr Andrews said they must understand that parties did not gain or lose by not opposing the proceedings. The matter had to be equally considered, whether it was a voluntary surrender, or a bitterly opposed compulsory one. It was just as well for people to know that it did not make a bit of difference to the board. After hearing the evidence of Senior-Constable Rohan and Mounted-Constable Dawtrey, the board reserved their decision till Friday.

Mr Young appeared on behalf of the owner and licensee (Mrs Catherine Kelly) of the Eurambeen Hotel, Eurambeen. The Licensing inspector (Supt. Milne), said this hotel and the next on the list (Main Lead Hotel), would have be go before he recommended the closing of a fourth hotel in Beaufort. The place was somewhat necessary for road traffic. After the statements of three witnesses had been taken, the board reserved their decision.
Mr S. Young, appeared on behalf of Mr Wm. Dickinson, owner and licensee of the Main Lead Hotel, Main Lead. Supt. Milne said that under present circumstances he would close the three recommended in Beaufort before the Main Lead or the Eurambeen. Four witnesses were examined, and Mr Andrews suggested that Mr Young should talk the matter over with his clients. The board reserved their decision.

The members of the board warmly praised the police witnesses (Senior-constable Rohan and Mounted-Constable Dawtrey) for the fair and capable manner in which they had given evidence. The list for Thursday is as follows: All Nations' Hotel, Beaufort; Commercial Hotel, Beaufort; Farmers' Hotel, Beaufort.[2]

LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD. BEAUFORT DETERMINATIONS. 15 HOTELS TO BE CLOSED. BEAUFORT, Friday. The Licenses Reduction Board to-day concluded a fortnight's fittings here and at Linton, and announced its decision as to which hotels should he closed. In the Beaufort licensing district there are 24 hotels, the statutory number being 11, and the excess 13. In the Pitfield district there are 14, the excess being 3; and in the Lexton district 7, also an excess of 3.

The Board, in its determination, called attention, to the fact that the Act allows 4 hotels for the first 1000 inhabitants, and only one for each subsequent 500, and this frequently operates to bolster up an excessive number of hotels in decadent townships, leaving the newer and more progressive portions of the district without any such accommodation. The Pitfield district did not present much difficulty, but in the Beaufort district there was a large excess. The Board had never closed at a first sittings right down to the statutory number in any district having an excess of 10 or over, nor did it intend to do so in this case. As, however, the Board was now in its 6th year, it might not have another opportunity of holding lengthy deprivation sittings here, and the number in excess would now be substantially reduced. The towns of Beaufort and Linton would be watched to see if their growth in the near future warranted the continuance of five hotels in the former, and three in the latter, or whether further slight reductions would be necessary.

Some of the township and country housed in the list were in a very poor state of repair. The travelling public was entitled to clean, comfortable and properly maintained hotels. A petition was submitted, but in accordance with the practice laid down at an early stage of its existence, the Board refused to accept petitions, either for or against the closing of any hotel, as it framed its determinations on evidence tendered in open court with an opportunity for cross examination and on its own inspection of all all the hotels.[3]

Pitfield District[edit | edit source]

(Three closed) —

Lexton District[edit | edit source]

(Two closed)

Beaufort District[edit | edit source]

(Ten closed)

Compensation hearings[edit | edit source]

Hearings into the amount of compensation to be paid to the closed hotels were held in September 1912:

LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD. SITTINGS AT BEAUFORT. BEAUFORT, Wednesday. The Licenses’ Reduction Board —Messrs Barr (chairman). Andrews, and Cumming, sat at the Court House, Beaufort, to-day, to deal with claims for compensation with respect to hotels closed in the Beaufort licensing district. Evidence of owners, licensees, and valuers was taken in the cases of the All Nations' Hotel, Beaufort; Farmers' Hotel, Beaufort; Waterloo Hotel, Waterloo, and Main Lead Hotel, Main Lead. Mr S. Young appeared for the owners and licensees in all cases. With regard to the Waterloo Hotel, Mr Young announced that this was the hotel which met its fate on the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. The licensee had gone insolvent. The Rechabites had a mortgage over it, which was rather a good way to get rid of hotels. (Laughter). The fixing of maximum valuations with regard to two other local hotels left open, was dealt with in private. Three other claims for compensation are listed for to-morrow, viz., Fifeshire Hotel, Waterloo; Junction Hotel, Waterloo; and Crown Hotel, Caralulup. The decisions of the board were reserved.[4]

LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD. BEAUFORT SITTING. BEAUFORT, Thursday. The Licenses Reduction Board —Messrs Barr (chairman), Andrews, and Cumming — sat at the Court House, Beaufort to-day to deal with claims for compensation in respect of hotels closed in the Beaufort and Lexton Licensing Districts. The evidence of owners, licensees, and valuers was heard in the following cases:—Victoria Junction Hotel, Waterloo; Fifeshire Hotel, Waterloo; and Crown Hotel, Caralulup. Mr S. Young appeared for owners and licensees in the two Waterloo cases, and Mr F. Jolly for the owner and licensee in the Caralulup one. In each case the Board reserved its decision, which will be announced at the conclusion of the Linton sittings next week. The fixing of the maximum valuations with regard to several local hotels were dealt with in private, and several similar cases will be dealt with to-morrow.[5]

The results of the compensation claims were announced in Linton in September 1912:

LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD. LINTON — The Licences Reduction Board gave its determinations on Thursday in respect of the claims of the following hotels:—

Beaufort Licensing District.[edit | edit source]

Lexton Licensing District[edit | edit source]

Pitfield Licensing District[edit | edit source]

Totals: Owners, £3685; licensee, £180. The owners claims will be payable in the first week of January next, and the licensees of the hotels are not to be renewed.[6]

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