Licenses Reduction Board Beaufort 1919

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The Licenses Reduction Board held hearing in 1919 at Beaufort.

Details[edit | edit source]

In February 1919 the Board met at the Beaufort Court House to hear evidence about which hotels should be closed:

BEAUFORT. LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD. The Licenses Reduction Board — Messrs R. Barr (chairman), J. Lock and T. Graham—held a deprivation sitting at the Beaufort Court House. on Wednesday and heard evidence in connection with the following hotels: — Camp hotel Beaufort (licensee, Marianne Halpin, owner Elsie H. De Beare); Commercial hotel, Beaufort (licensee Wm. Jas. Lidgerwood, owner W. P. Schlicht ; Eurambeen hotel, Eurambeen (owner and licensee Catherine Kelly). The licensing inspector, Superintendent R. M‘Manamny, was in attendance. Mr R. H. Ramsay appeared for the licensees and owners of the Camp and Commercial hotels, Beaufort. The proceedings occupied about 2½ hours.

Several witnesses stated that they considered the four hotels in Beaufort were required more than the one at Eurambeen. Senior-Constable Lovitt, Beaufort, said he thought the Commercial hotel ought to go before the Camp hotel. If modern buildings were put up, two hotels would be ample in Beaufort. Matthew Kelly, son of the licensee of the Eurambeen hotel, said if the hotel fell into his hands, the first thing he would do would be to surrender the license. ( Laughter.) That did not apply to his mother.

After hearing the evidence Mr Barr announced that the board would let their determination be known as early as possible.[1]

Closures[edit | edit source]

The hotels to be closed were announced in March 1919:

LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD. As the result of the Licenses Reduction Board's recent visit to the Beaufort district, the following hotels are to be closed: Eurambeen Hotel, Eurambeen, Prince of Wales Hotel, Snake Valley, and Royal Standard Hotel, Linton. The licenses of the four hotels in Beaufort township will remain undisturbed.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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