Licensing Court 1892 hearings

From Hotels of Ballarat

The Ballarat West Licensing Court meet in early 1892 to close hotels under the local options laws. It was decided to close 26 of the 116 hotels in the Ballarat West district. The court, consisting of Judge Chomley, and Police Magistrates Heron and Foster, listened to evidence about which hotels should and should not be closed. The police presented evidence as to how well the hotels were conducted, their facilities, and the character of their licensees. Factors such as the hotel's location and the services it provided to the community were considered. Not all the police advice was acted upon, and the newspapers reported that there was much surprise at some of the hotels listed for closure. The court recommendations were published in March 1892.[1]

List of hotels to close[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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