Licensing Court 1913 hearings

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The Licensing Court hearings of 1916 identified hotels across Victoria, where the licenses were to be reviewed and recommendations made as to which hotels would be forced to close as part of the license reduction program. In the Ballarat district it affected the Ballarat, Clunes and Creswick Licensing districts.

Compensation[edit | edit source]

The owners and licensees of hotel forced to surrender their licenses were awarded compensation by the Licenses Reduction Board in December 1913:

LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD. COUNTRY COMPENSATION. BALLARAT,- Thursday. - Mrs. Mary Ann Young, owner and licensee, applied to surrender the license of the Seven Stars Hotel, Clunes, as from the end of December, on account of ill-health, and the Licenses Reduction Board, to-day decided to accept the surrender. Evidence was given by Mrs. Young and W. A. Drew as to rental, licensed and delicensed. Late in the day the chairman (Mr. R. Barr) announced the awards in the four compensation cases heard during the sittings. He said that the claims had been moderate, and the expert evidence fair and reasonable. The board had been able to accept fully two-thirds of the owners' claims in full during its seven years' operations. The awards were:

  • Waterloo Hotel, Sulky Gully, Creswick.-Owner, £157; licensee, £25; total, £182
  • Red Streak, Creswick (burnt). - Owner, £80, licensee, no claim; total, £80
  • Broomfield, Creswick.-Owner, £80; licensee, no claim; total, £80.
  • Seven Stars, Clunes.-Owner, £210; licensee, £26; total, £235.

Aggregate-Owners, £527; licensees, £50; total, £577.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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