Licensing Court 1922 hearings

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The Ballarat Licensing Court met in 1922 with the task of closing 10 hotels in Ballarat and one in Clunes.

Hearings were held into 26 of hotels to determine which would be deprived of their license:

REDUCTION OF LICENSES BALLARAT AND CLUNES DISTRICT. At a sitting of the Licensing Court in Melbourne on Monday the chairman, (Mr R. Barr, L.M.) announced that deprivation sittings would be held at the Supreme Court House, Ballarat, commencing on Tuesday, 7th February, at 10 a.m., when the following list of licenses would be dealt with:—



CLUNES LICENSING DISTRICT. Victuallers’ Licenses.—

Arrangements will be made at the opening sittings to take the Clunes Hotels on a day to be fixed.[1]

Decisions[edit | edit source]

The Ballarat Star reported on the findings of the Board:

LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD COMPENSATION AWARDS. Sitting as a Compensation Court, the Licenses Reduction Board. Messrs Barr, Lock and Tanner, yesterday concluded the hearing of evidence on the compensation claims made by the owners of public houses which had been dealt with at the previous deprivation sittings. Eleven hotels were dealt with viz., five each in the Ballarat East and Ballarat West Licensing Districts, and one in the Clunes District. The chairman of the board, in delivering the award, said that the total award was to the owners -£8275; to the occupiers £2190, or a total of £10,455. The amounts would be available when the treasury opened in the new year, while the hotels mentioned would close their doors on the last day of the present year.[2]

Ballarat East:

Ballarat West:


References[edit | edit source]

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