Llanberris Mining Company

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Llanberris Mining Company
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Town Ballarat
Known dates 1887

The Llanberris Mining Company operated a gold mine in Ballarat, <1887>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The mining claim was in Golden Point, Ballarat.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In September 1887 the company wanted to remove the Chinese village at Golden Point which it claimed was now on its mining claim:

With reference to the decision of the Chinese of Golden Point to test the right of the Llanberris Company in preventing certain of their countrymen occupying sites on the company’s lease, it seems that the interested Mongolians are determined to fight the matter to the “ bitter end.” Some months ago the Town Council moved in the direction of breaking up the Camp, but a perusal of the Local Government Act disclosed a “flaw” which compelled the abandonment of the proposed course of action. Since the revival in mining in Ballarat East new claims have been started on and around Golden Point, and the Llanberris Company among others have organised new ventures. In order to provide ample room for the carrying on of these the company has had up to the present to expend £100 in compensation, in other words they have had to pay the Chinese for removing from the Llanberris lease, a portion of which they were in charity allowed to utilise many’ years ago for camp purposes. The Camp has been a nuisance in Ballarat East for a long while, and Dr Radcliffe, the health officer, has frequently reported unfavorably on the place from a sanitary point of view. Another meeting of Chinamen was held yesterday, when a fresh batch of resolutions were carried, the principal one being to the effect that no expense should be spared to test in a court of law the right of the Llanberris Company to interfere with the Celestials on the lease. It is stated that £200 has already been subscribed to pay legal expenses in the suit. Should the company be successful, it is more than probable that the camp will be broken up, as the Llanberris shareholders will claim full and undisturbed possession on their lease. Should the camp be razed to the ground, Cr Elsworth’s suggestion of relegating the Mongolians to the ranges will probably be carried out. General Wong Ho, when in Ballarat, said that the health authorities should compel the Chinese of Ballarat East to reside in healthy domiciles, and further remarked that the huts in the camp at Golden Point were a disgrace to the district.[1]

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