London Hotel (Bulldog)

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London Hotel
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Town Illabarook (Bulldog)
Known dates 1862-1863

The London Hotel was a hotel in Illabarook, Victoria, <1862-1863>.

Site[edit | edit source]

The hotel was in Illabarook (known as Bulldog in 1863).[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

On 5 June 1862 the hotel was to be sold by auction because the publican, Charles Tull, had become insolvent:

THIS DAY.To Publicans, Bakers, Storekeepers, and Others. In the Insolvent Estate of CHARLES TULL, of Bull Dog Diggings, Publican and Storekeeper. MITCHISON BROTHERS will sell by auction, on the above-named day, on the premises at Bull Dog, without reserve. The substantially built property known as the London Hotel, Containing bar, parlor, dining room, six bed rooms, stables, and outhouses. Also, adjoining the above, a large WEATHERBOARD STORE (zinc roof), bake-house, kitchen, and outhouses, the whole enclosed with a stout fence, and situated in the centre of the diggings. Also, The whole of the STOCK-IN-TRADE, consisting of wines, beers and spirits, a huge assortment of groceries and oilmen's stores, teas, sugar, flour, jams, fruits, oils, pickles, salt, drapery, slops, boots and shoes, ropes, and an endless assortment of goods required in a general store, household furniture, crockery and glassware, horse, cart and harness, baking utensils, and sundries, the whole of which will be sold unreservedly. The Auctioneers would call attention to this bona fide sale of the only hotel on these diggings, which was recently erected (with the stores) at a cost of £800, and commands a large trade. The stock is all new, and of the best description, and altogether a finer opportunity for commencing business on an extensive scale could not occur. Sale will commence at twelve o'clock punctually. Terms-Cash.[2]

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