Lyons Morwitch

From Hotels of Ballarat
Lyons Morwitch
Born Krakow, Poland
Died 4 December 1905
Brisbane, Queensland
Occupation Pawnbroker
Years active 1862-1863
Known for Horse Bazaar Hotel
Eastern Hotel
Home town Ballarat
Spouse(s) Mary Ann Walsh
Children Abraham (1883)

Lyons Morwitch was a publican in Ballarat, <1862-1863>.

History[edit | edit source]

Lyons Morwitch was one of four sons of Rachel and Jacob Abraham Morwitch. He was born in Krakow, Poland, in 1840. The sons, Samuel, Abraham, Lyons, and Henry, came to Ballarat in the 1850s, and later moved to Queensland.[1]

In July 1857, Morwitch was working as a pawnbroker in Ballarat and used the services of his brother Henry as an auctioneer:

SATURDAY, MONDAY, and TUESDAY, the 23th, 27th, and 28th July. NOTICE. Great Sale of Unredeemed Pledges, At the Victoria Auction Mart, Main-road. H. MORWITCH has received instructions from Lyons Morwitch, pawnbroker, opposite the Rising Sun Hotel, to sell by public auction, on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, the 25th, 27th, and 28th of July, the following Unredeemed Pledges, consisting of Gold and silver lever watches, clocks, &c. Gold chains, colonial gold rings, Mahogany cheffonier, guns, pistols A large invoice of drapery, hosiery, blankets and other fancy goods. At 12 o'clock each day, sharp.[2]

In October 1857 Morwitch advertised he had moved into new premises:

Pawnbroker's Notice. L. MORWITCH begs to announce to the public of Ballarat and the surrounding district, that he has removed to his new premises, opposite the Charlie Napier Hotel, Main-road, and is now ready to advance money on silver plate and all kinds of jewellery at the lowest rate of interest. Bank Price given for Gold. VICTORIA PAWN OFFICE. Money Lent on Silver Plate and all kinds of Jewellery. LYONS MORWITCH, Pawnbroker, Watchmaker and Working Jeweller, opposite Charlie Napier Hotel, Main road. Watches, Clocks, Chronometers, and Jewellery repaired, on the shortest notice. Colonial Gold Rings and Chains made to order.[3]

In June 1860 a local farmer took Abraham, Samuel, and Lyons Morwitch to court over an unpaid debt. The judge suggested the brothers were lying:

M'Lean Brothers v Morwitch Brothers £44, value of bullocks sold. Mr Randall for plaintiff, Mr Cuthbert for defendant. Plaintiff was a farmer at Lake Learmonth, and had sold, as he alleged, some bullocks to defendants, the price whereof he now sought to recover. Mr Cuthbert admitted that Abraham and Lyons Morwitch had bought the bullocks for £44, but they had paid £20, and had subsequently offered to sell a horse, value £20. One of the bullocks died, and plaintiff then consented to take, and did take, the horse in satisfaction of all demands.

Samuel Morwitch deposed that a receipt for £20 produced, signed by Andrew M'Lean, was signed by him in his presence, the £20 being then paid. He also heard the bargain made relative to the horse, and saw M'Lean take the horse away. Cross examined-I am a partner with my brother Abraham in the Great Britain Hotel. Lyons paid M'Lean the £20 when I and Abraham Morwitch were present. It was upstairs in the hotel. Don't know if anybody else was present. I am certain the money was all notes. I heard some time ago that Andrew M'Lean was gone away from the colony. There was no receipt for the horse that I know of. Sometimes when a man has a few glasses in his head he doesn't know what is done. His Honor-Do you mean to say that Andrew M'Lean was intoxicated sir ? Witness-Oh no, they were not intoxicated. They were only jolly. That man (Young) never applied to me for the balance. Never seen him that I know of; I never said I had paid the money. It was my brother paid the money.

Abraham Morwitch deposed that he saw Andrew M'Lean sign the receipt when £20 was paid. It was paid in notes he believed; M'Lean said he would cry quits if the mare was given up. I am certain M'Lean did not drink more than one glass of ale. I take my oath he and my brother did not drink several glasses together. The bargain about the mare was made in the stable, and M'Lean never came back to the hotel after that. He did come back to the hotel and the sale note was then made out. His Honor commented on the contradictions in the evidence. Lyons Morwitch was then called in, but Mr Cuthbert declined to examine him. Mr Randall said if Mr Cuthbert was ashamed to ask him anything, he would not ask him anything. His Honor remarked that the defendant's attorney had acted discreetly. No doubt defendants came there to perjure themselves, for he thought it was plain no money had been paid. Verdict for plaintiff for £24, and costs, £6 17s.[4]

In June 1862 the publican's license for the Horse Bazaar Hotel in Main Road was granted to Lyon Morwitch.[5] The hotel was burned down in a huge fire in Main Road in November 1862, which destroyed over 30 buildings. The hotel was owned by a Mr Crosbie and was insured for 500 guineas.[6] Lyon's brother, Henry, an auctioneer who had his office next to the hotel, also lost his business in the fire:

Mr Henry Morwitch occupied the next premises as commercial sale rooms. It possessed brick walls, and was owned by the occupier. Adjoining this were the sale yards of Mr Morwitch, mainly consisting of timber sheds. These were insured in the Australasian Insurance Office. The hotel adjoining, known as the Horse Bazaar Hotel, was the property of Mr Crosby, and occupied by Mr Lyon Morwitch. The owner is insured for £500 in the Australasian Insurance Office.[7]

Morwitch was granted the publican's license for the Eastern Hotel in June 1863.[8] He took legal action after a chair was stolen from the hotel:

STEALING A CHAIR.-Lewis Batt alias Ford was charged with having stolen a chair, the property of Lyon Morwitch. The prosecutor deposed that the chair now produced, valued at 5s, was stolen out of his bar. He did not know the prisoner. The barman deposed that he had used the chair in order to enable him to light the gas. He had seen the prisoner, who was half drunk, in the bar. On witness missing the chair be ran down the road and overtook the prisoner with the chair. Witness gave him a "clout" in the face, took the chair and walked back with it. Mr Clissold sent the prisoner to gaol for seven days.[9]

His brothers, Abraham and Samuel, were partners in the Great Britain Hotel, also in Main Road. At the June 1863 licensing hearings, Abraham's license was refused for operating a disorderly house.[8]

In 1864, Morwitch married Mary Ann Walsh, an Irish girl, in Ballarat.[10]

In January 1865, Morwitch is declared insolvent:

Lyons Morwitoh, of Ballaarat, dealer. Causes : Loss by fire, pressure of creditors, and losses in trade. Liabilities, £95 15s 3d ; assets, £10 5s ; deficiency, £85 10s 3d.[11]

In March 1865, his estate had been sequestered, and a notice was placed in the newspapers asking his creditors to attend a meeting:

No. 1501. IN the Insolvent Estate of LYONS MORWITCH, of Soldiers' Hill, Ballaarat, in the Colony of Victoria, Dealer.— GeelongCircuit District.— Whereas the estate of Lyons Morwitch, of Soldiers' Hill, Ballaarat, in the colony of Victoria, dealer, was, on the twenty first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, placed under sequestration in my hands, by order of his Honor Mr Justice Barry, one of the judges of the Supreme Court of the colony of Victoria, and who did, by further order under his hand, appoint George Webster, Esquire, of Geelong, one of the official assignees of insolvent estates for the colony of Victoria, to be the official assignee of and for this estate : I hereby appoint a PUBLIC MEETING of the CREDITORS of the said Lyons Morwitch to be holden before me, at my office, Myers street, Geelong, on Monday, the twenty-seventh day of March instant, at the hour of eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for proof of debts, and for the election of an assignee, if necessary, to act with the official assignee ; and, unless it shall be shown at such meeting that the goods and effects of the said Lyons Morwitch exceed the sum of one hundred pounds, I shall summarily proceed to rank the debts which shall then be proved upon the said estate, and direct the proceeds to be distributed accordingly. Dated at Geelong, this 10th day of March, A.D. 1865. ARTHUR P. AKEHURST, for the Commissioner of Insolvent Estates, Circuit District of Geelong.[12]

In June 1865, the Morwitch's had a boarder living in their house, and they had him charged with theft:

A WRONG CHARGE.-Edward Hermon was charged with having stolen the sum of 3s 6d from the dwelling house of one Lyons Morwitch. Mrs Morwitch stated that prisoner had been a lodger at her house and paid her 8s 6d for the use of the bed room he occupied. After receiving the money she laid it on the table in the sitting room. The prisoner shortly returned and asked her about a shirt. She told him she knew nothing of it, and that he could go and look for it. In a few minutes he returned and told her he had taken the 3s 6d from the table, showing her the money, as instead of the shirt which he said he could not find. There was no larceny in this case, and the prisoner was consequently discharged.[13]

Abraham, Samuel, and Henry, moved to the new goldfields at Gympie, Queensland, in 1867. Lyons also moved to Queensland.

His son, Abraham, was born on 30 October 1883 in Queensland.[14]

In December 1892, Lyons daughter, Polly, died:

MORWITCH.—In loving memory of our dear daughter, Polly May, who died on December 3, 1892. Inserted by her loving parents, Mary Ann and Lyons Morwitch.

MORWITCH.—In loving memory of my dear sister, Polly May, who died December 3, 1892. Inserted by her affectionate sister J. Carlstrom.

MORWITCH.—In loving memory of my dear sister, May (Polly), who died on December 3, 1892. Though lost to sight, to memory dear. Inserted by her loving sister, E. Doctor.[15]

His daughter, Matilda, was married in April 1901:

VICTORSEN—MORWITCH.—On April 3, at the residence of the bride's parents, Commercial road, Bulimba, by Rabbi Phillips, of Toowoomba, Julius, third son of the late Mr. Edward Victorsen, of Brisbane, to Matilda, third daughter of Mr. Lyons Morwitch.[16]

Lyons Morwitch died in Brisbane on 4 December 1905.[17][18]

FUNERAL NOTICE.—The Friends of Mr. LYONS MORWITCH, deceased, are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, to move from his late residence, Harcourt street, Teneriffe, THIS (Tuesday) AFTERNOON, at 4 o'clock, for the South Brisbane Cemetery. SILLETT & BARRETT, Undertakers, &c. FUNERAL NOTICE.—The Friends of Mr. ABRAHAM and MISS AGNES MORWITCH are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their deceased Father, to move from his late residence, Harcourt street, Teneriffe, THIS (Tuesday) AFTERNOON, at 4 o'clock, for the South Brisbane Cemetery. SILLETT & BARRETT, Undertakers, &c.[19]

His wife, Mary Ann, died on 3 August 1907, in Brisbane.[10]

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