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Hotels of Ballarat[edit]

The Hotels of Ballarat currently has 1,966 articles.

There are 1324 Ballarat and district hotels included in the index (May 2018)

The history of Ballarat and district's hotels and publicans.
Ballarat was the centre of one of the world's richest goldfields, and thousands of hotels were opened in the city and its surrounding districts. Some of these hotels are still operating, others are still standing but used for other purposes, but most have disappeared completely. This wiki records the history of Ballarat hotels and the people who lived and worked in them. The hotels in this project cover an area about 50kms radius from Ballarat.

Genealogists, family and local history researchers will find a this to be unique encyclopedia of Ballarat's hotels and publicans.

This research on Ballarat's hotels and pubs is a work in progress, and new information is being added everyday as different sources are checked. If you can't find the history of a Ballarat hotel today, it maybe added tomorrow, so please keep checking. To see the most recent additions, see the list below. Click here to see the latest hotel updates.

The George Hotel, Lydiard Street, Ballarat

To help new contributors, there are three help pages:

  1. The Public Bar - a place to talk and ask questions
  2. The Billiard Room - a place to play and experiment without changing anything else.
  3. The Cellar - a place where things are stored for using later.


The pubs[edit]

Details and history of hotels in Ballarat and surrounding districts.

The people[edit]

Details of the people who owned, the publicans who operated, worked or lived in the hotels, or in other related occupations.

The places[edit]

The details about Ballarat and its surrounding areas included on this site.

The streets[edit]

Details of Ballarat's streets and the hotels that were in them.

The period[edit]

Timeline of pubs and people listed by decades.

and more...[edit]

In March 2018, new categories expanded the original project to include breweries, brewers, distilleries, beer shops, and sly grog sellers.

Latest additions[edit]

  1. Victoria Hotel, Lethbridge
  2. Watson's Hotel, Meredith
  3. Royal Hotel, Main Road, Ballarat
  4. Dan O'Connell Hotel, Bridge Street, Ballarat
  5. Savoia Hotel, Hepburn Springs
  6. Halfway Hotel, Warrambine
  7. Hepburn Mineral Springs Hotel, Hepburn
  8. Jackson's & Co., Ballarat
  9. The Sporting Globe, Ballarat
  10. The Pub With Two Names, Ballarat
  11. Oscars, Ballarat
  12. Table 48, Ballarat
  13. Battler's Tavern, Ballarat
  14. Black Bull Hotel, Eyre Street, Ballarat
  15. Victoria Hotel, Gong Gong
  16. Wallace Hotel, Wallace
  17. Farmers' Hotel, Warrenheip
  18. Emerald Isle Hotel, Bungaree
  19. Maryville Hotel, near Bungaree
  20. Truro Hotel, Durham Lead
  21. Clark's Hill Hotel, Clark's Hill
  22. Bolwarra Hotel, Bolwarrah
  23. Galatea Hotel, Peel Street, Ballarat
  24. Galatea Hotel, Skipton Street, Ballarat
  25. Alchymist Hotel, Derwent Jacks
  26. Criterion Hotel, Golden Lake
  27. Friend's Hotel, Ballarat
  28. Wiltshire Arms Hotel, Delacombe
  29. Oriental Hotel, Wendouree Parade, Ballarat
  30. Criterion Hotel, Sebastopol
  31. Watermans' Arms, Wendouree
  32. Halfway House , Dereel
  33. Sportsmans' Arms Hotel, Dereel
  34. All Nations Hotel, Grassy Gully
  35. Sydenham Palace Hotel, Rokewood Junction.
  36. Sir Manners Sutton Hotel, Corindhap
  37. Caledonian Hotel, Corindhap
  38. Camp Hotel, Rokewood
  39. Royal Hotel, Doveton Street, Ballarat
  40. Royal Hotel, Meredith
  41. Victoria Hotel, Rokewood
  42. Commercial Hotel, Ballan
  43. Ballan Hotel, Ballan
  44. Cosmopolitan Hotel, Spargo Creek
  45. Mineral Springs Hotel, Spargo Creek
  46. Tuckett's Hotel, Sturt Street, Ballarat
  47. Commonwealth Hotel, Ballarat
  48. Tattersall's Hotel, Ballarat
  49. Royal George Hotel, Sebastopol
  50. Poole's Hotel, Moorookyle
  51. Commercial Hotel, Smeaton
  52. Clark's Hotel, Sturt Street, Ballarat
  53. Railway Hotel, Lydiard Street, Ballarat
  54. Sale Yards Hotel, Doveton Street, Ballarat
  55. Horse Bazaar Hotel, Armstrong Street, Ballarat
  56. Farmers' Arms Hotel, Ballarat
  57. Mount Side Hotel, Buninyong
  58. Black Swan Hotel, Newtown
  59. Kohl's Hotel, Darling Street, Ballarat
  60. Morton's Hotel, Skipton Street, Ballarat
  61. Imperial Hotel, Doveton Street, Ballarat
  62. Imperial Hotel, Clunes
  63. Black Lead Hotel, Hiscocks
  64. Bamboro' Castle Hotel, Napoleons
  65. Farmer's Hotel, Golden Point, Ballarat
  66. Picnic Hotel, Bungaree
  67. New York Hotel, Main Road, Ballarat
  68. Victory Hotel, Main Road, Ballarat
  69. 5 Friend's Hotel, Ballarat
  70. Shamrock Hotel, Ripon Street, Ballarat
  71. Great Northern Junction Hotel, Ballarat
  72. Flack's Hotel, Ballan
  73. Greendale Hotel, Greendale
  74. Cruise's Family Hotel, Blackwood
  75. Sultan Hotel, Blackwood
  76. Southern Cross Hotel, Blackwood
  77. Quartz Reef Hotel, Blackwood
  78. Magpie Hotel, Durham Lead
  79. Eastern Exchange Hotel, Blackwood
  80. Victoria Hotel, Blackwood
  81. Criterion Hotel, Blackwood
  82. Railway Hotel, Ballan
  83. Werribee Hunt Hotel, Ballan
  84. Carriers' Arms Hotel, Ballan
  85. All Nations Hotel, Blackwood
  86. Gregory's Hotel, Blackwood
  87. Golden Point Hotel, Blackwood
  88. Rogers' Hotel, Blackwood
  89. Mount Blackwood Hotel, Mount Blackwood
  90. Carriers' Arms, Doveton Street, Ballarat
  91. Exchange Hotel, Mount Egerton
  92. Rose Hotel, Mount Egerton
  93. Williams' Hotel, Gordon
  94. Enterprise Hotel, Blakeville
  95. Blakeville Hotel, Blakeville
  96. Crown Hotel, Blackwood
  97. Clare Morris Hotel, East Trentham
  98. Commercial Hotel, Trentham
  99. Railway Hotel, Trentham
  100. Newbury Hotel, Newbury
  101. Jack's Hotel, Newbury
  102. Royal Hotel, East Trentham
  103. Junction Hotel, Garlicks
  104. Blue Mountain Hotel, Garlicks
  105. Delaney's Hotel, Garlicks
  106. Bank Hotel, Trentham
  107. Briggs' Hotel, Blackwood
  108. Commercial Hotel, Gordon
  109. Parker's United Hotel, Gordon
  110. Railway Hotel, Gordon
  111. Commercial Hotel, Mount Egerton

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The Hotels of Ballarat wiki began in November 2016, based on earlier work on the Ballarat and District Industrial Heritage Project.