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Hotels of Ballarat[edit]

The Hotels of Ballarat currently has 1,510 articles.

The history of Ballarat and district's hotels and publicans.
Ballarat was the centre of one of the world's richest goldfields, and thousands of hotels were opened in the city and its surrounding districts. Some of these hotels are still operating, others are still standing but used for other purposes, but most have disappeared completely. This wiki records the history of all these hotels, and the people who lived and worked in them. This wiki began in November 2016, based on earlier work on the Ballarat and District Industrial Heritage Project. The pages have been reformatted and edited to this site's requirements. Currently (May 2017) there are over 1000 Ballarat and district hotels listed in the indexes.

The George Hotel, Lydiard Street, Ballarat

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The pubs[edit]

Details and history of hotels in Ballarat and surrounding districts.

The people[edit]

Details of the people who owned, operated, worked or lived in the hotels, or in other related occupations.

The places[edit]

The details about Ballarat and its surrounding areas included on this site.

The streets[edit]

Details of Ballarat's streets and the hotels that were in them.

The period[edit]

Timeline of pubs and people listed by decades.

New additions[edit]

  1. Miner's Right Hotel, Ballarat
  2. Sturt Hotel, Ballarat
  3. Kent Hotel, Ballarat
  4. Clanricarde Hotel, Ballarat
  5. Shamrock, Rose and Thistle Hotel, at Dead Horse
  6. Royal Don Hotel, Ballarat
  7. Carriers' Arms, Bungaree
  8. Fussell's Hotel, Ballarat
  9. Distillery Hotel, Warrenheip
  10. Travellers' Rest, Warrenheip
  11. Royal Oak Hotel, Warrenheip
  12. Phoenix Hotel, Warrenheip
  13. McCabe's Hotel, Barkstead
  14. Keane's Hotel, Bungaree
  15. Bungaree Waggoners' Arms, Bungaree
  16. Beehive Hotel, Dean
  17. Market Hotel, Park Street, Ballarat
  18. Sportsmans' Arms, Alfredton
  19. Glenpark Hotel, Bungaree
  20. Australian Hotel, Bungaree
  21. Rifle Butts Hotel, Ballarat
  22. Royal Oak Hotel in Bridge Street, Ballarat
  23. Edward Cantor
  24. William Thompson
  25. Mary Jane Flannery
  26. John Mason
  27. Mary Ann Mason
  28. Peter Mason
  29. Roy's Hotel, Ballarat
  30. Main Road Fire 1859
  31. Kemp's Hotel, Magpie
  32. Ballarat Licensed Victuallers' Association
  33. Union Hotel, Kingston
  34. White Swan Hotel, Creswick
  35. William Meyer
  36. Rise and Shine Hotel, Bald Hills
  37. Wellington Hotel, Bald Hills
  38. Rose of Australia Hotel, Cabbage Tree
  39. Kangaroo Hotel, Slaty Creek
  40. Mack's Hotel at Bullarook
  41. Diggers' Arms at Long Point.
  42. Forest Hill Hotel
  43. Frenchman's Bridge Hotel
  44. Bridge Hotel in Ascot Road
  45. G. W. Simpson
  46. Commercial Hotel, Bald Hills
  47. Bush Inn, Creswick
  48. Crown Hotel, Newlyn

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