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How to use Maps

I am using the Map extension, haven't been able to work out how to use the Leaflet info pins. Open street maps needs some correction to get Google map coordinates to display correctly - they were about 100 metres too far west.

To get the template to function, you need to convert the Google coordinates - use this template, and add the new cordinates in: {{#coordinates:-37.5685046,143.8354855|format=dms|directional=yes}} example: 37° 34' 6.62" S, 143° 50' 7.75" E

This needed correction of about +10 secs to move east.

The code for the map will look like this: {{#display_map:37° 34' 6.62" S, 143° 50' 15.75" E|width=600|height=300|service=leaflet}}

The map will display as:

Loading map...

Testing space[edit | edit source]

Test space: 37° 30' 30.92" S, 143° 58' 10.68" E

Loading map...