Margaret Stuckey

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Margaret Stuckey
Occupation Publican
Years active 1859-1873
Known for White Horse Hotel
Talbot Inn
Home town Ascot
Mount Bolton
Spouse(s) William Stuckey

Margaret Stuckey was a publican in the Ballarat district, Victoria, <1859-1873>

History[edit | edit source]

Stuckey took over the license of the White Horse Hotel, at Ascot[1], after the death of her husband in a road accident in November 1859.

In February 1859, Stuckey was a witness to a stabbing at Ascot:

Friday, 25th February. (Before the Chinese Protector.) THE STABBING CASE AT ASCOT.- Thomas Broughton was brought up on remand charged with stabbing one James Craig with intent to kill. Mrs Stuckey deposed that she was the wife of Wm. Stuckey of the White Horse Hotel, Ascot. On the 4th instant she was at a little distance from the hotel when she saw prisoner and prosecutor quarrelling. They scuffled and fell, and Craig cried out, "I'm stabbed," and witness saw the other man with a knife in his hand. (The knife- a common clasp one-was produced and identified.) Witness never interfered in the matter at all, except to call in the doctor who was passing. The prisoner cried out "I've done it ! I've done it! Take me to the Camp ! I deserve all I get." The prisoner declined to ask any questions or make any defence, and was then committed for trial.[2]

In March 1861 she was the victim of theft:

A few nights ago some thieves stole from a clothes line at the White Horse Hotel, the property of Mrs Stuckey, a lady's reversible cloak, a pair of Bedford cord trowsers, a pair of tweed trowsers, and some other property.[3]

In July 1862 she did not renew the license for the hotel and it was closed for several months until John Whateley took over the hotel:

The application of Margaret Stuckey for a district publican's license for the White Horse Hotel, Burrumbeet, was withdrawn.[4]

In December 1872 and December 1873 she was granted the license for the Talbot Inn at Mount Bolton.

In May 1894, Stuckey was left an annuity in the will of Thomas Whateley, who owned White Horse Farm at Mount Bolton:

Thomas Whateley, of Mount Blowhard, farmer, who died 11th March, 1894, by his will, dated 6th November, 1890, appoints the Trustees, Executors and Agency Company Limited, of Melbourne, executor of his will. He directs his executors to pay an annuity of £75 to his housekeeper, Margaret Stuckey. The White Horse Farm, in the Parish of Burrumbeet, is left to his nephew, Thomas Whateley, for life, and after his decease to his children, as tenants in common.[5]

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