Maurice Clement Podbury

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Maurice Clement Podbury
Born 1904
Geelong, Victoria
Died 8 March 1945
Sebastopol, Victoria
Occupation Baker
Years active 1944
Known for Exchange Hotel
Home town Geelong
Spouse(s) Ruby May Murnane
  • Frederick Robert Podbury (father)
  • Alice Mary Heffernan (mother)

Maurice Clement Podbury was a baker and publican in Ballarat, Victoria, <1941-1944>.

History[edit | edit source]

Maurice Clement Podbury was born in Geelong in 1904.[1] He was one of seven children of Frederick Robert Podbury and Alice Mary Heffernan.[1] He worked with his brothers, Wilfred Podbury, Denis Podbury and Alan Podbury, as Podbury Bros, bakers of Little Myers street, Geelong.[2]

In 1923 he was in court on a traffic charge:

At the Geelong West Court on Friday, Maurice Clement Podbury, baker, of Geelong, was proceeded against on a charge of having negligently driven a horse and vehicle. Henry Gaddis Hawkins, foreman for Henry Dinn, and Co said that he was riding his motor cycle when the defendant failed to indicate by holding out his arm his intention of turning into a side street, Hawklns collided with a motorcar. Defendant was fined £2 with £1/5/ costs.[3]

In 1926 he married Ruby May Murnane.[1]

In 1928 the Podbury Bros were charged with selling underweight bread:

In the Geelong West Court on Friday, Denis Vincent Podbury, Maurice Clement Podbury, Wilfred Barton Podbury, and Alan Paul Podbury, trading as Podbury Bros., bakers, of Little Myers street, were charged with having had for sale on September 8, underweight bread. David Collis, an inspector, said that he stopped Podbury Bros.' cart on September 8 and weighed 22 loaves of bread, which disclosed a total shortage of 3lb. 8oz. A fine at the rate of 2/ an oz. (£5/12/ in all), with 23/6 costs was imposed.[4]

In 1932 Podbury and his brothers were charged with selling lightweight bread:

It was stated that in 14 loaves taken from one of the defendants' carts at Newtown, on May 31, there was a shortage of 20 oz, and in 20 loaves from another cart a shortage of 18 oz. On each of the charges the defendants were fined 2/6 in respect to each ounce of shortage, with £1/3/6 costs on each charge[2]

In 1934 he was again in the news after a traffic accident:

A motor-car driven along Garden street on Wednesday afternoon by Mr Thomas Jones of Murchison collided with a car driven by Mr Maurice Podbury at the McKillop street intersection The bumper bar of Mr Podbury's car appears to have caught in the front of Mr Jones's car which was overturned. Mr Jones was thrown clear and escaped with abrasions to the hands.[5]

Podbury established a bakery in Sebastopol. In 1941 he was fined 8 shillings for producing lightweight bread; 8½ oz. short on 19 loaves.[6]

In 1942 he was again in trouble after a traffic accident involving his bakers van:

A collision which occurred in Sebastopol on March 30 between a motorcycle ridden by Gordon Knight, of Ross Creek, and owned by Ronaldson Bros and Tippett, of Ballarat North, and a baker's cart driven by Percival Henry Davies, of Sebastopol, and owned by Maurice Clement Podbury, of Sebastopol, led to claims for damages being heard in the city court yesterday by Mr G. S. Catlow, PM. Knight was awarded £41 against Podbury and Davies, with £11/3/ costs; Ronaldson Bros and Tippett were given a verdict for £18/2/4 against Podbury and Davies, with £7/4/ costs. Podbury's claim against Ronaldson Bros and Tippett and Knight was dismissed, with £5/7/6 costs.[7]

In 1944 Podbury applied for the publican's licence of the Exchange Hotel in Sebastopol.[8] He was still managing the hotel when he died on 8 March 1945.[9]

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