Maxwell Haines

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Thomas Maxwell Haines
Born 5 April 1854
Bushy Park, New Norfolk, Tasmania
Died 12 February 1927
Occupation Publican
Years active 1886-1921
Known for American Hotel
Home town Creswick

Thomas Maxwell Haines was a publican in Creswick, Victoria, <1886-1921.

History[edit | edit source]

Thomas Maxwell Haines was the son of John Haines and Maxwell Palma Ballantine, born at Bushy Park, a small village near New Norfolf, Tasmania, on 5 April 1854.[1] John held the license for the Adelphi Hotel in Sturt Street, Ballarat, until he was declared insolvent in May 1870.[2]

In August 1885, Haines took legal action to recover debts:

Maxwell Haines v Quong Yick; to recover £12 12s 9d, for rent and goods; verdict by consent, with £1 17s 3d costs. Mr Randall for plaintiff.[3]

In December 1886 Haines held the license for the American Hotel in Creswick.[4]

His mother died at the hotel in August 1892:

HAINES -On the 13th inst, at her residence, American Hotel Creswick, Maxwell Palma, relict of the late John Haines after a lingering illness, aged 71 years. Home papers please copy.[5]

His brother, Joseph Erskine Haines, who worked as the hotel's manager, died in March 1897:

THE Friends of the late Mr JOSEPH HAINES, of Creswick, are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Creswick Cemetery, on Monday (This Day). The funeral will leave his late residence, the American Hotel, at 3 o'clock p.m. A. PASCO and SONS, Undertakers, Creswick.[6]

Haines was president of the Creswick Turf club in 1914-1917, and its meetings were held at his hotel.[7][8][9]

In June 1916, Haines provided evidence in the trial of Edwin James Rickey, accused of setting fire to two haystacks at Scrub Hill, on the corner of the Dean-Newlyn Road. Rickey had been a customer at the hotel on the night of the fires.[10]

In April 1918, Haines gave evidence at the trial of Wilfred Bennetts Harbour, a railway porter accused of stealing items from parcels at Creswick station:

William H. Goodall, employed by Goller and Co., Ballarat, deposed that on the 4th March, 1916, he packed a parcel, containing two boxes of Gem of the East cigars and two boxes of Capstan cigarettes. The parcels were addressed to T. M. Haines, Creswick, and delivered at the Ballarat parcels office. Frederick John Smith, parcels porter at Ballarat, deposed that the waybill produced referred to the parcel he received from Goller and Co. for T. M. Haines, of Creswick. He put the parcel on the bench to go forward to Creswick. To Mr. Nevett : Did not know what happened to the parcel after that. T. M. Haines, of the American hotel, Creswick, deposed that early in March, 1916, he received a parcel at the local railway station, and when opened he found it to contain two boxes of cigarettes and one box of cigars, similar to that produced... After accused was arrested and let out on bail he told them he would get the gun. Brought it back in about five minutes. The box of cigars was found in a box in the back bedroom, and accused, in reply to a question, said he took the box out of a package consigned to the American hotel.[11]

In July 1921 he transferred the hotel license to Alan N. McGregor.[12]

Haines died in Ballarat on 12 February 1927:

Mr Thomas Maxwell Haines, who was born at Bushby (Bushy) Park, New Norfolk (Tasmania), 73 years ago, died at his home at Ballarat on Saturday night. He lived at Creswlck for many years, and was a member of the Borough Council for 10 years. He was a past president of the Creswick Turf Club.[13]

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