Meagher's Hotel

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Meagher's Hotel
Meagher's Hotel, 2011
Town Ballarat
Street Victoria Street
Known dates 1886-1939
Evidence Building still standing, now a private residence

Meagher's Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1886-1940>.

Site[edit | edit source]

Meagher's Hotel is at 194 Victoria Street, Ballarat East. It was offered for sale in 2009 and described as "comprising 9 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, well-appointed kitchen, spacious and central studio or theatre room with own stage, original bar with cellar and billiard room."[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In July 1886 the publican was to be charged with selling liquor to a prohibited person:

Sergeant Murphy will at the Town Police Court to morrow proceed against the landlord of Meagher’s hotel, Victoria street, on a charge of supplying liquor to a prohibited person named Henry Stephens. It appears that Stephens, who is a carpenter, is a noted drunkard, and spends his earnings in drink, leaving his wife and children totally unprovided for. Mrs Stephens was compelled some months ago to apply to the bench to issue an order prohibiting publicans from supplying her husband with drink, and it is through the alleged non observance of this order that Mr Meagher is to be proceeded against.[2]

The hotel's license was reviewed by the Licensing Court in June 1888:

Meagher’s hotel— S. Ede, licensee; James Coghlan, owner. A wooden building, 12 rooms, six lath and plastered, fairly furnished, and now well conducted; large stable attached; principally a bar trade done...Stephen Ede, licensee of Meagher’s hotel, said his hotel offered great accommodation to country people, carriers, and teamsters, &c. Mr Grainger, baker, and James Cottle, carpenter, gave similar evidence.[3]

In 1902, Denis Carey was fined £3 for using insulting words to the publican, James Walsh.[4]

The hotel was one of 23 hotels reviewed by the License Deprivation Board in Ballarat in 1922.[5]

In December 1932 the hotel was one of a number of district hotels whose licenses were renewed, but with a warning:

"...granted after evidence tendered regarding police suspicions of betting had been considered...Mr. Barr referring to betting on hotel premises said that it had been going on for years and nothing the police or Court could do so far had stopped it. If the licensees did not willingly stop it and the owners would not stop it the Court would try another very drastic way. There were still a number of hotels in Ballarat to disappear under the law.[6]

In March 1940, the hotel was one of three Ballarat pubs targeted by a scammer:

IMPRISONMENT ON IMPOSITION CHARGES. Twelve months' imprisonment, a sentence the bench declared was lenient, was imposed in the city court on Thursday on Patrick Gregory Walsh, 58 years, laborer, no fixed place of abode, on three charges of imposition, the four months' sentence on each charge being made cumulative. Evidence was given that on March 23 Walsh posed as a Postal department employee, and obtained on false orders sums of 30/- from John Doyle, husband of the licensee of the North City Hotel, and £1 each from Timothy Daniel Hishon, licensee of Meagher's Hotel, Victoria-street, and George Malcolm Cameron, of Mack's Hotel. Walsh, who pleaded guilty, admitted prior convictions for numerous offences.[7]

In August 2022, a plan to develop the hotel facilities and reopen the business was put forward to the City of Ballarat. A permit has been issued for the demolition of several outhouses to allow for more car parking.[8]

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