Medway Hotel

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Medway Hotel
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Town Greendale
Known dates 1875-1938

The Medway Hotel was a hotel in Greendale, Victoria, <1875-1938>.

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The hotel was in Greendale.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

In March 1875 there was a legal fight between the owner of the Greendale Hotel, George Roberts, and the former licensee, George Williams. Williams had opened his new Medway Hotel opposite:

In the Supreme Court to-day, before His Honor Mr Justice Stephen and a jury of four, a farmer named George H. Roberts, living at Greendale near Ballan, sought to recover damages from a publican named George Williams, living at the same, place, for breach of two covenants of a lease. The plaintiff's case was that in February, 1871, he let the Greendale Hotel to the defendant, on lease for three years, at the rent of £50 per annum, two covenants of the lease being respectively that the defendant should keep the premises in good repair, and at the end of the three years to transfer the license to a person approved of by the plaintiff. At the termination of his tenancy the defendant wanted a renewal of the lease, which the plaintiff would not consent to give unless the defendant agreed to an increase of the rent to fifty pounds a year. The defendant objected to this proposal, and then built a public-house of his own opposite to the plaintiff's hotel. On the 1st February, 1874, the defendant's lease of the Greendale Hotel expired, and on the 4th he removed to his own house. On the same day the plaintiff found that some of the fixtures had been removed by the defendant to his own public house; and that the Greendale hotel was in certain respects out of repair. The defendant was frequently requested by the plaintiff to join in an application for the transfer of the license for the Greendale hotel to George Roberts, the plaintiff's father, but this he refused to do till the 20th April, when he was summoned before a bench of magistrates at Ballan to show cause why his licence should not be cancelled, on the petition of the plaintiff and his father for allowing George Roberts to be in possession of the house, while he (the defendant) held the licence. The defendant also refused to have the required repairs to the premises executed. Mr. Wrixon appeared for the plaintiff, and Dr. Dobson for the defendant. The case had not been concluded when we went to press.[2]

The publican was charged with not having a light above the door in December 1877:

Police v. George Williams. -Neglecting to keep a light at the door of his hotel at Greendale on the 3rd inst. Mr. Musgrave for defendant. John Shea, sworn, stated he was at Greendale on the above date about 10 o'clock at night. There was no light over the door, but one inside over the bar. Went to Myrniong and reported the matter to the constable. Then returned again about half past eleven when there was no light in any part of the house. No person would know it was an hotel.[3]

There must have been a brawl at the hotel in late December 1898. Stephen Tanner, David Freeman, and Joseph Rowlands were fined at the Ballan court for assaults on John O'Shea. Rowlands was also fined for breaking a window at the hotel. Counter charges were dismissed as well as charges against James O'Shea and Michael O'Shea.[4]

Community Involvement[edit | edit source]

  • Community meeting, February 1878, to make Greendale a riding of the Ballan shire.[5]

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